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Azure cyber resilience

: NetApp data protection and security solutions

In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, it’s no longer if you will experience a ransomware attack, unplanned data loss, or natural disaster— it’s when. NetApp® cyber-resilience solutions enable data governance across your entire data estate with built-in protection, threat detection, and rapid recovery capabilities.

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Why build your cyber resilience strategy in Azure with NetApp?

Multilayered solutions built from the inside out

Defending against cyberthreats goes far beyond guarding a single entry point. With NetApp, you gain the visibility and control needed to protect against disruption, downtime, and data loss across hundreds of entry points, no matter where your data resides—in Azure or on premises.

Let’s face the facts

A modern approach to protection

It’s no longer sufficient to rely on a “castle-and-moat” approach where cybersecurity tools are a step or two from the data. NetApp cyber-resilience solutions for Azure combine data protection and data security so, even if you experience a breach, accidental data loss, or a natural disaster, your data is safeguarded by built-in rather than bolted-on protection and security features.

The IT office

Fight off ransomware

NetApp minimizes the damage of ransomware where it hurts the most: the storage layer.

  • Protect. Block malware and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Detect. Identify threats and anomalies using AI insights that flag threats early.
  • Recover. Minimize downtime with proper protection that includes automated responses and rapid recovery.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, and no one can afford the cost of downtime or data loss. NetApp can help you prepare for—and avoid—the next wave of potential disruptions. Proactively protect your Azure data with NetApp solutions that shrink your recovery time from days to hours or even minutes, so your data and applications are always available. Take our assessment to better understand where you are today and identify your biggest gaps so we can work to eliminate them.


Savings of $1M annually moving Epic DR to Azure by leveraging Cloud Volumes ONTAP has been key to our ability to meet new demands for quality care and pivot resources during uncertain times.

Doug McMillian, CTO, Cone Health

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Take the next step

Building and implementing a cyber-resilience strategy on your own can be daunting. That’s why our team of Azure specialists is here. Sign up for your personalized 1:1 cyber-resilience strategy session and get the expert guidance you need to become truly resilient in Azure.

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