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Azure VMware Solution

: Powered by Azure NetApp Files datastores

Optimize your storage-intensive VMware applications in the cloud with Azure NetApp Files datastores for Azure VMware Solution. Cut costs by up to 30% while simplifying operations and reducing risk.

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VMware on Azure? No problem.

Simplicity. Security. Savings. Choose all three.

Azure NetApp Files datastores decouples storage from compute and unlocks the flexibility you need to finally take your workloads to the cloud. This seamless data management supports simplified operations, provides robust data security, and reduces overall TCO by up to 30%.

Find out just how much you can save with our TCO estimator.

Lower your TCO

Moving your cloud strategy ahead means rightsized storage.

Operate seamlessly

With VMware on Azure, we make everything simple.

Reduce the risks

With multilayer data protection and security across Azure, we’ve got your back.

Proof positive

    • Up to 30%

    • Reduction in the cost of running VMware Cloud services
    • 99.99%

    • Azure NetApp Files availability guaranteed
    • 20+

    • Years of codevelopment with Azure and VMware

Save and simplify VMware on Azure with Azure NetApp Files

Azure VMware Solution and Azure NetApp Files were made to create a seamless experience. Fully supported and certified by Azure with VMware, this solution lets you migrate and manage your storage-intensive VMware workloads for less overall cost and complexity.
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Get integrated data management wherever your data resides

Control costs and get ahead without compromising a thing. Migrate mixed protocol workloads (no refactoring required), unify management wherever your data resides, make your data protection resilient, and more.

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It’s time to modernize your VMware estate

Modernizing VMware on Azure doesn’t have to be daunting. Explore our top reasons why Azure NetApp Files is exactly what your enterprise applications need for smooth sailing in Azure VMware Solution.

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Migrating to Azure VMware Solution?

Azure NetApp Files datastores for Azure VMware Solution solves data-intensive workloads. It has never been easier, faster, or more cost-effective to get those VMware workloads to the cloud.

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Take the tactical approach

The powerful pairing of Azure NetApp Files datastores with Azure VMware Solution tears down cloud adoption barriers and opens various game-changing use cases. Get up to speed with all the possibilities in our guide.

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Take the next step

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan to maximize your VMware workloads in the cloud.
That’s why our team of Azure specialists is here.
They’ll help you create the right strategy, no matter where you are on your cloud journey.

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