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If your data analytics infrastructure is holding you back from enabling your organization to transform with data—resulting in slow time to release new services, escalating costs or an inability to drive AI or real-time predictive use cases, it might be time to advance to a modern, serverless, cloud-native, Kubernetes-based infrastructure. 

Learn how NetApp transformed their data infrastructure with Iguazio, driving the following gains:

  • 6-12x improvement in time to develop and deploy new AI services
  • 50% reduction in operating costs
  • 16x storage capacity reduction
  • 3-6x fewer compute nodes
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Key takeaways

  • NetApp is a leading provider of hybrid cloud data services, helping organizations build unique data fabrics that unleash the full potential of their data, accelerate innovation, and digitally transform operations
  • Move to a modern, cloud-native, Kubernetes-based infrastructure
  • Improve time to develop and deploy new AI services
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Brett Albertson
Principal Marketing Engineer l Active IQ
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