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It has come to our attention that there may be people posing as NetApp recruiters or individuals from agencies recruiting for us. These people have been communicating fraudulent job opportunities and quite often ask for sensitive personal and financial information.

NetApp and the partners that represent us will never ask for personal information such as government ID or banking information as part of the application process. If these are requested, it will occur after interviews and an employment offer has been accepted.

Tips for avoiding recruitment fraud:

1. All NetApp jobs are posted on our careers site.

2. If a recruiter contacts you, you should always check LinkedIn first. If their profile does not have many connections or has incomplete information, this could be a warning sign.

3. Carefully verify the email address and listed website of any unsolicited recruiter outreach communication. A change of one letter is easy to miss when you are excited, but it can mean the difference between a legitimate recruiter contact and a scam.

4. NetApp or any partners representing us will never ask for personal or financial information as part of the recruiting process.

5. No employment offers will be made without a formal interview process, which involves multiple rounds of interviews with several NetApp employees.

If you believe you have been contacted about a fraudulent job, you may contact us via email:

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