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Empowering teens to discover and develop critical data skills 

NetApp believes the ability to unlock the full potential of data is a necessary skill and competency that needs to be taught starting at a young age. 

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Preparing teens to thrive and take action in a data-driven world

Data fluency is important for young people’s future in diverse careers

Most classroom and learning experiences today are not adequately teaching critical data literacy concepts and skills. NetApp is on a mission to help address this opportunity and especially focus on providing access for students in underserved communities.

Data Explorers collaborate to create change

Students demonstrate their data science skills and problem-solving around topics they care about such as no poverty, quality education and climate action.

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The Data Explorers experience: investigation and problem-solving

Students ages 12-16 dive into data sets aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals discussing topics that they care about ranging from climate change to health equity to education, encouraging them to get curious and ask tough questions.

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Aware & inspire

Data is everywhere in our lives. Students learn how data can inform, educate and empower us to have impact.

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Explore & investigate

Students investigate, manipulate and move data while learning about social issues. Their questions inspire more interpretation and ideas to form.

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Visualize & interpret

Students visualize data using tools like CODAP to form interesting patterns and spark insights.

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Problem solve & take action

Students apply their data analysis to create actionable solutions to improve their world.

Data education movement and data science advocacy

We learn and share our insights from Data Explorers as members of the Data Science 4 Everyone and Messy Data Coalitions. NetApp seeks opportunities to collaborate within the field to scale programming and support the overall advancement of data science education.

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NetApp partners with leading STEM education and youth development nonprofit partners

We collaborate in curriculum design, educator training, and employee engagement, seeking impactful ways to engage and inspire young people in informal settings. The goal, ultimately, is to invite educators into data science education with the intent of preparing more students for data-rich futures.

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The Concord Consortium logo

It’s so important to invest in equitable STEM learning experiences for youth. NetApp’s leadership and commitment to bring data science afterschool opportunities and mentorship to youth who may not typically have access comes at a critical time in our education system.

Chad Dorsey, President and CEO, Concord Consortium (Photo credit: Concord Consortium)

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Making a difference

NetApp employees apply their skills and expertise to coach students and share personal stories of how they use data in their careers.

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In the news

NetApp Data Explorers FAQ

Let's create more educational opportunities together by investing in the next generation. Find answers to common questions about the program below or keep scrolling to connect with our team via email.

How do I access trainings or the program's curriculum if I would like more information about teaching Data Explorers at my school or nonprofit?

Our team is in the process of working with our nonprofit partners to develop an educator training program that includes accompanying materials.  If you are interested in learning more once they are available, please email

How do I help 12-16 year-olds at my nonprofit/school/other explore data science?

How students can explore and learn data science concepts can fall into a vast range of options from simple activities to more in-depth learning experiences. Here are a few that we like for educators to try to start experimenting with approaches:

  • CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform) is an easy-to-use data analysis tool for grades 5-12. CODAP is a fun tool that empowers students to summarize, visualize and interpret data.
  • YouCubed offers a range of data science lessons for grades 6-10.
  • The Tech Interactive offers this Data Challenge, which inspires students to analyze how The Tech for Global Good laureates use data as a tool in problem solving and effecting change. Students then work in groups to create a plan to collect and use data to address a problem in their own sphere of influence.
  • Our team is in the process of working with our nonprofit partners to develop an educator training with accompanying materials. If you are interested in learning more once they are complete, please email us.
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Learn more about NetApp's social impact

Explore our initiatives to find out how you can get involved with the NetApp Serves mission.

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