NetApp FAS2750 and FAS2820: FAS for distributed enterprise and remote to core

Customers with a distributed enterprise and many locations look to these systems for virtualization and an easy, cost-effective back-up and DR for larger FAS and AFF systems.

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Why choose a model from the NetApp FAS series?

Simple, secure, and trusted. Discover best-in-class data management when you choose any one of the FAS models from NetApp. Manage these systems simply and effectively, regardless of their geographic location.

NetApp FAS2750 specs

Perfectly suited for small and midsized enterprises requiring easy deployment and simplified operations.

  • Maximum raw capacity per HA pair: 1.2PB
  • Maximum drives per HA pair: 144
  • NAS scale-out: 1-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
  • SAN scale-out: 1-12 nodes (6HA pairs)
  • Maximum raw capacity for cluster: 15PB
  • Controller chassis from factor: 2U / 24 internal drives
  • OS version: ONTAP 9.4 RC1 and later
  • Storage protocols supported: NVMe/TCP; FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB, Amazon S3
FAS 2750

NetApp FAS2820 specs

Perfectly suited to high-capacity use cases within small and midsized enterprises. Easy setup and operations are also standard.

  • Maximum raw capacity per HA pair: 2.3PB
  • Maximum drives per HA pair: 144
  • NAS scale-out: 1-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
  • SAN scale-out: 1-12 nodes (6HA pairs)
  • Maximum raw capacity for cluster: 27.6PB
  • Controller chassis from factor: 2U / 12 internal drives
  • OS version: ONTAP 9.13 RC1 and later
  • Storage protocols supported: NVMe/TCP; FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB
FAS 2720

ONTAP: Choose the #1 customer-trusted ecosystem

ONTAP is the the #1 customer-proven operating system that delivers the security, simplicity, and scalability for your hybrid cloud deployments.

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Simplify data management, 365 days a year, with Simplicity365

Learn once, reap the benefits forever. With NetApp's Simplicity365, we lighten the heavy burden for front line IT teams across edge, core, and hybrid cloud deployments.

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Organize to minimize

Powerful tools for a smaller storage footprint to easily unify your hybrid cloud data across geographical locations:

  • Inline deduplication
  • Compression
  • Compaction
  • Thin provisioning
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Effortlessly transition

Charting your path to the hybrid cloud with NetApp means we give you everything you need for an easy transition, including NetApp's SnapMirror. It's a data replication software, to effortlessly move between on-prem and the cloud.

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Security at every point

Protection is key for enterprises of all sizes. Sidestep security risks while your data is at rest, in transit, or any point in between with the security of NetApp ONTAP. No matter where it lives in your hybrid cloud, you can trust that your data is safe with ONTAP.

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For every security regulation, ONTAP is ready. Satisfy even the strictest data retention or governance policy's requirements, effortlessly, with compliance-friendly security from NetApp.

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NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager

Tap into the collective wisdom of our user base with NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager, a system that alerts you if it senses a risk factor. Easily prevent problems thanks to data insights based on years of research.

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"Helpful technical support, priced well, and high performance.

"The solution has allowed the consolidation of multiple storage boxes inside the organization. This has reduced the footprint on the data center. From a management point of view, the organizations do not need to manage multiple boxes, they only need to manage one.

"The solution is stable and has good performance...[and] is scalable and can be added on to easily if needed. The technical support is very good and supportive. Their technical support is very helpful and they are engaged from the beginning with the customer and until the project is finished."

NetApp FAS Customer: Infra Business Development Manager

Technical services company, 201-500 employees

Other Models

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From entry to enterprise, we have you covered

The FAS2750 and the FAS2820 are both quite often paired with NetApp's FAS9500, 8700, and 8300 to unify the data of a dispersed enterprise. Compare the power and scalability of these models to find a fit.

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See All FAS Models from NetApp

Get the overview of the entire FAS lineup from NetApp. Take a look and compare your needs with our product offerings.

See all FAS models

Choose the best of hybrid cloud

Connect your data, wherever it lives, with NetApp's services for hybrid cloud.

Change how you see your data

With ONTAP, getting valuable insights from your data is just a few clicks away.

Deployment in just minutes

Setup for these FAS models is so simple, it can go from start to completion in under ten minutes.

Scale up and out, as needed

Maintain a seamless IT connection between primary and branch locations of your distributed enterprise.

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