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Why NetApp for data storage

Data storage solutions from the experts at NetApp ensure that your data remains as secure as it is accessible. Companies worldwide trust NetApp to help manage their most important information resources.

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A fundamental first step for organizations undertaking an IT transformation is to modernize their infrastructure with all-flash storage to improve speed and responsiveness for critical business applications. New workloads, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL), demand extreme performance that first-generation flash systems cannot deliver. Additionally, more and more organizations are adopting a “cloud first” strategy, driving the need for enterprise-grade data services for a shared environment across on-premises data centers and the cloud.

Why NetApp is the world’s preferred provider of data storage solutions

NetApp leads the storage industry with its modern, all-flash arrays that deliver robust data services, integrated data protection, seamless scalability, speedy performance, and deep application and cloud integration.

We help customers lead with data by providing a powerful shared storage platform across cloud data services, storage systems, and software. Our primary storage array product development initiatives are driven by our customers' key business drivers:

  • Digital transformation using file/block in the public cloud and core infrastructure that supports enterprise applications, unstructured data, and AI workloads.
  • Specialist-level capabilities that are simple enough for IT generalists to use for managing consumption, operation, and risk detection/mitigation.
  • Non-disruptive support to adopt the latest innovations, like NVMe, SCM, QLC, etc.—without having to execute costly and disruptive technology transitions.

What NetApp storage delivers

NetApp storage solutions deliver a range of key benefits.

Hybrid cloud

NetApp was the first storage vendor to fully embrace hybrid cloud, with best-of-breed on-premises and cloud-native data management technologies woven into a data fabric. We provide the leading unified SAN/NAS all-flash and hybrid storage appliances, and then leverage the same storage operating system to support both file and block services with all three major public cloud providers, allowing customers to consume cloud services where and how they choose—for backup, DR, test/dev, etc. This approach provides an agility and future-proofing that other vendors simply can’t touch.


NetApp delivers simple interfaces that can be used by an IT generalist while still offering expert-level capabilities, as well as a robust RESTful API set allowing for automation and orchestration. And NetApp systems are easy to support using AIOps technologies to automate risk detection and mitigation.


Performance is another factor that leads customers to choose NetApp over the competition. Not only does NetApp deliver exceptionally high IOPs with low latencies across our entire all-flash portfolio, but our products deliver consistent performance even as capacity grows and inline storage efficiency features are in use.


Customers cite that they can trust NetApp, based on our extensive track record of decades of innovations and strong financials that ensure we will be a long-term partner. They also look to the overall resiliency of our platforms (increasingly driven by AIOps through NetApp®Active IQ®) to support their most critical business applications.

Non-disruptive support

By offering customers non-disruptive support for continued technology innovation, we allow them to take advantage of new technologies, such as NVMe, SCM, QLC, and many more, without having to execute costly and disruptive technology transitions.


With NetApp AFF we never worry. NetApp allows us to provide excellent performance to our customers because it’s a reliable system. It’s just always on all the time. It allows us to sleep at night.

Greg Weld, Senior Converged Infrastructure Engineer, Fair Isaac Corp

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Targeted data storage solutions

From simple, smart, trusted storage for shared NAS and SAN environments to arrays built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications like data analytics and disk-based backup, each product in our portfolio was built or acquired to target specific market needs.


NetApp®SolidFire®helps get closer to the speed and simplicity of cloud while exceeding the demands of keeping data on premises.

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NetApp is the data storage leader

NetApp is a proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying storage. It's why organizations across every industry work with NetApp when building their data fabric to strategically address today's complex IT challenges.

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