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NetApp Keystone storage as a service enables on-demand flexibility for unpredictable workloads.

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Nonstop business expansion, exponential data growth

TCDI’s customers rely on the company’s software as a service to process and analyze more than 6 billion pages of electronic documents, making them instantly searchable, secure, and always available. Today, the company is embracing NetApp Keystone®, NetApp’s pay-as-you-grow storage-as-a-service offering. The Keystone consumption-based model allows TCDI to respond quickly to unpredictable capacity demands while removing the IT burdens of procuring and maintaining storage. The verdict is in: NetApp Keystone is a game changer.

Consuming storage at the speed of customer demand

A long-time NetApp customer, TCDI had standardized on FlexPod® converged infrastructure from NetApp and Cisco to simplify deployment, management, and support for its rapidly growing multiprotocol environment. Today, the company is making a strategic shift to storage as a service and embracing NetApp Keystone, NetApp’s pay-as-you-grow STaaS offering.

Keystone gives us a consumption-based model that allows us to respond quickly to unpredictable changes in demand.

Frank Bounds, Senior Storage Engineer, TCDI

Keystone: The cure for IT management headaches

Keystone removes the IT burdens of procuring and managing storage so that TCDI can better align storage costs to business needs, accelerate time to value, and focus limited IT resources on higher-value initiatives. At the core of the solution, a NetApp®all-flash storage system supports the client’s storage, transactional data, and large SQL databases. A flat fee covers hardware, maintenance, and NetApp ONTAP® upgrades, which are managed entirely by the Keystone group.

The benefits of ONTAP on demand

With the relentless pace of data growth, TCDI is making the most of NetApp deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning to reduce costs and extend the time between capacity expansions. NetApp deduplication offers as much as 60% data reduction just by eliminating blank pages, reducing the company’s overall storage footprint and associated costs.

Meanwhile, NetApp SnapVault® allows the company to quickly and easily back up data to a remote site, lowering recovery time objectives from months to as little as 72 hours if necessary.

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Reduced recovery time objectives from months to as little as 72 hours.

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