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Need to Simplify Your Hybrid Multicloud Experience? NetApp Keystone Delivers.

James Whitemore

Today’s business environment demands continuous IT transformation. Our customers are turning to NetApp to help them modernize traditional IT infrastructure, build private clouds and harness the power of public clouds. But along with this IT transformation, they expect simple and flexible cloud-like experiences whether they chose to build their own infrastructure or buy as a service—on premises or in the public cloud.

At NetApp, we see hybrid multicloud as the de facto operating model for every customer. The first thing that I would advise if you are looking to consume NetApp technology as a cloud service is: look to the public clouds. NetApp’s Cloud Data Services—natively integrated enterprise storage services in Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS—give you the performance and availability to power even the most demanding apps.

Native Integration with Major Cloud Services

Of course, we understand that not every customer or application is moving to the public cloud. So, with NetApp Keystone we now offer two new ways to acquire and operate NetApp technology that reinvent the NetApp customer experience and deliver the innovation that our customers and partners need to thrive in a hybrid multicloud world. 

What are the key things that we announced today with NetApp Keystone?

Subscription Services. With NetApp Keystone we now give customers the ability to consume NetApp systems and software on premises with cloud-like subscription models. You get NetApp solutions delivered as a service for a monthly fee, the ability to burst capacity when needed and the flexibility to grow into the public cloud when necessary. Simple, flexible, affordable. Exactly what our customers have been asking for. The NetApp Keystone subscription services are really as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose a performance tier (not a system).
  2. Choose a storage service type—block, file, or object.
  3. Choose who manages it—you or us.
All with a simple 1-year commitment.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Ownership Experience. For customers who want to continue to own and operate NetApp technology in traditional purchasing models, we have radically simplified the experience. It is now easier to buy, optimize and grow our solutions with: streamlined configuration and quoting processes; cloud-like service guarantees for efficiency, performance and availability; AI-driven insights to optimize system health; and dynamic scaling of systems node-by-node or to the public cloud. This is a truly modern purchasing and ownership experience that will set us apart in the industry.

So, what does this new ownership experience mean for you?

  1. Buy with confidence. Doing business with NetApp is easier than ever. We’ve dramatically streamlined our ordering and quoting process. Our unique combination of efficiency, performance and availability, backed by a guarantee, helps protect your storage investment.
  2. Optimize with ease. Once you’re up and running, AI-driven insights help you optimize the health of your system while predicting capacity and performance bottlenecks. Use NetApp Active IQ® Monitoring to keep tabs on storage usage, data reduction ratios, node utilization and data availability—all from one easy-to-use dashboard. AI-powered Active IQ assessments trigger proactive parts delivery, predictive alerts, optimal storage setup and configuration recommendations. This gives you maximum performance and efficiency with lower costs and less downtime.
  3. Scale your infrastructure and data services. NetApp’s unique scale-out architecture lets you dynamically grow your data center infrastructure. Or you can scale to the public cloud with our cloud-activated systems. The first 10TB of tiering is free! Use our intelligent Active IQ product recommender and flexible, budget-friendly upgrade credits to invest in anything from small upgrades to a whole new infrastructure strategy or public cloud migration.
Our new offerings, combined with our existing portfolio of Cloud Data Services delivers on a simple promise to our customers:

Whatever your preferences, NetApp Keystone connects your hybrid cloud environment in a common experience—so you can operate like a cloud everywhere.

My parting question to you is:  What is your biggest concern in moving to the cloud or cloud-like experience? Let us know here.

To learn more about NetApp’s flexible data consumption models and new ownership experience, watch the 1-minute video below or visit our website for more details and content.

James Whitemore

James Whitemore is the Chief Marketing Officer at NetApp. He is responsible for advancing the company’s global marketing strategy and strengthening market recognition to accelerate growth. As a veteran of the cloud computing, networking and storage industry, James has more than 25 years of experience leading and implementing successful global sales, product management and marketing strategies. A key part of the team since joining NetApp via the SolidFire acquisition in early 2016, James has been central to the development and execution of our Marketing strategy to reposition NetApp from storage to data and the cloud. In his previous role as VP of Field & Demand Marketing at NetApp, James built and led a modern demand engine as well as managed Field and Partner Marketing, Demand Centers, Global Campaigns, Event Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social, Influence and Community Marketing. As CMO at SolidFire, James led the mission to advance the way the world uses cloud and was responsible for all corporate, product, and field marketing functions. Prior to SolidFire, James has led sales and marketing functions in cloud orientated start-up companies holding a variety of sales and marketing positions in Europe, Asia and the U.S. with SAVVIS, Sun Microsystems, IBM, StorageTek and Standard Telephones and Cables. James holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Northumbria University in the UK.

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