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Your cloud. As simple as 1, 2, 3.

Pay as you go, grow with confidence

Some people use a lot of data and storage; others not so much. The new cloud consumption services essentially recognizes the reality of modern technology use. Once you decide where you want your storage (cloud, on-premises, etc.), it becomes a simple task of matching the best resources. You can better match data storage costs with storage usage and reduce upfront capital expenses. Use anywhere – with a common experience on-premises or off. Free IT staff from cumbersome tasks and to spend more time on strategic projects.

Consume and manage your data differently

NetApp delivers pay-as-you-go data management regardless of the workload location: in the cloud, co-located, or on premises. It gives you the flexibility to manage data on your terms – more cloud-like.

54% of respondents prefer something other than the traditional payment model

53% of users would categorize half or more of their storage spend as “pay per use”

45% of organizations find the flexibility to pay for storage either as an OPEX or CAPEX approach is highly valuable.

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, Survey, September 2019, N=200 respondents

Customer expectations have changed cloud consumption models

Customer expectations and their consumption of IT resources have undergone radical shifts over the years. They are less focused on point product features and more on how end-to-end solutions will provide improved business outcomes. Find out how you can benefit from rethinking your consumption strategy.

Customer expectations

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NetApp Keystone

NetApp Keystone provides flexible cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on premises or in the public cloud.

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