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Your cloud. As simple as 1, 2, 3.

A new consumption model:

01. Choose a performance tier.

02. Pick a storage service - file, block or object.

03. Manage it yourself.
Or we'll manage it for you.

New pay-as-you-go program changes the conversation

The challenges involved with IT purchasing can be exceptionally difficult. There are costs for data, infrastructure, cloud and myriad other technologies. But with a program called NetApp Keystone, companies can lessen the complexities associated with IT infrastructure and lifecycle management. Keystone gives IT buyers a clear, easy-to-understand path forward for managing IT, giving employees time to focus on more important business.

  Cloud Consumption Services Cloud Consumption on your terms, in your data center or in the public cloud A better ownership experience Buy, optimize and grow with confidence
Storage or Compute + Storage
On-Prem Cloud Consumption Build Your Own
We manage You manage
Operating model Cloud-like/Service-oriented Cloud-like/Service-oriented Cloud-like/Service-oriented Cloud-like/Service-oriented
How to pay for it Cloud-like/Service-oriented Cloud-like/Service-oriented Cloud-like/Service-oriented CAPEX
Who manages it Cloud-like/Service-oriented Cloud-like/Service-oriented Customer/Partner Customer/Partner
Where to run it Cloud-like/Service-oriented On-Prem On-Prem On-Prem
Keystone cloud = Cloud-like/Service-oriented

Simplify Your IT and Data Services

Keystone is a new financial program that allows you to minimize risk while building new infrastructure and managing your digital transformation.

Future-Proof technology

Buy new technology with the confidence that it will work for you today and in the future.

Flexible consumption

Consume technology through a variety of options that fit your business with a common experience as you grow on-premises or off.

Intelligent Support

Receive more effective support by using intelligent analytics to proactively address issues within a new, simpler support structure.

Two Options Provide Flexible Simplicity

Build your own


A better ownership experience that helps you buy with confidence and run with ease.

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Pay as you go


Cloud consumption services rethinks the way data and storage are used.

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91% of IT leaders are interested in the value of NetApp solutions

3.2x more IT leaders believe NetApp solutions increase IT stability and predictability

2.2x more IT leaders believe NetApp solutions increase IT service delivery speed

72% of IT leaders prioritize NetApp solutions

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, Survey, September 2019, N=200 respondents

How to buy

Find a partner

Different partner purchasing options are available, including:

U.S. Public Sector Contacts

NetApp Channel Partners

NetApp Keystone

NetApp Keystone provides flexible cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on premises or in the public cloud.

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