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Cloud-like storage on your premises, with payments to fit your business.

NetApp Keystone gives you all the operational and financial flexibility you need.

Looking for alternatives to capital expenditures (capex) for your storage infrastructure? NetApp Keystone offers cloud-like experiences on your premises, with less cash up front. Free up your cash flow and increase financial flexibility with the right mix of payment, subscription, and usage-based plans.

Stop administering. Start innovating.

The cloud is more than technology—it’s operational flexibility. NetApp Keystone delivers a consistent multicloud experience, on your premises, with the ultimate in financial flexibility.

NetApp KeystoneChoose from our portfolio of flexible on-premises operating and financing models:
Keystone Flex Pay Keystone Flex Subscription Keystone Flex Utility

Payment options including traditional financing, leasing, and fixed/variable solutions to fit your cash flow.


Pay-as-you-grow subscriptions for a cloud-like experience on your premises, plus an outcome-based service option.


A true utility service that aligns costs with actual usage.

· coming soon ·

Simplify your hybrid multicloud experience.

Increase your choices

Choose from a wide range of operational models and payment, subscription, or usage-based plans.

Optimize operations

Optimize storage infrastructure operations and boost flexibility by aligning costs with usage.

Preserve Capital

Preserve capital and reduce financial risk with a pay-as-you-grow plan.

45% of organizations find the flexibility to pay for storage as either opex or capex highly valuable.

91% of IT leaders are interested in the value of NetApp solutions.

3.2x more IT leaders believe NetApp solutions increase IT stability and predictability.

2.2x more IT leaders believe NetApp solutions increase IT service delivery speed.

Two options for financial and operational flexibility.

Keystone Flex Pay

Flexible payments

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Keystone Flex Subscription

Pay as you grow

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How to buy

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Different partner purchasing options are available, including:

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NetApp Keystone

NetApp Keystone provides a portfolio of on-premises solutions that minimize upfront cash.

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