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OCBC NISP Bank to have an on-premises data center with NetApp All Flash
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OCBC NISP Bank embarks on a digital transformation journey with NetApp Flash

OCBC NISP Bank, the fourth oldest Bank in Indonesia’s obsolete data storage system could no longer support their digital transformation journey. A new, agile, and flexible data storage infrastructure replacement was necessary. After intense deliberation, OCBC NISP Bank finally selected NetApp data storage as part of the bank’s strategic move to modernize its data center.

OCBC NISP Bank receives full support through NetApp DevOps technology, which encourages smooth, continuous communication, collaboration, integration, visibility, and transparency between application development teams and their IT operations team counterparts. The alignment of the two teams is instrumental in bringing the bank closer to its digital customer base through product and service innovations that respond to customers’ needs.

We are satisfied with NetApp data storage performance, which has enabled us to build an open and scalable IT architecture capable of delivering efficiency, availability, speed and agility with strong data-driven capabilities.

Filipus H. Suwarno Head of Operations and IT, OCBC NISP Bank


  • Saves spending for storage capacity by 90%
  • Data growth reaches 20% per year

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