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A Dell customer’s guide to NetApp INSIGHT 2020

Beth Busenhart

dell-customer-guide-to-netapp-insight-2020 For many NetApp customers, partners, and team members, INSIGHT is one of the highlights of their professional calendar. Due to COVID-19, INSIGHT 2020 will be held virtually and there are still plenty of opportunities for learning, networking, and having fun. 

If you’re currently a Dell customer and you’re thinking about a data center migration, NetApp INSIGHT 2020 is the place to be to get all of the information you need to make an informed decision about the future of your data center and your path to the cloud. 

NetApp INSIGHT 2020 gives you a lot to think about – it is a whirlwind two days. We’d like to give you a roadmap to navigate INSIGHT 2020 and make the most of your time. Here is our Dell Customer’s Guide: 


NetApp INSIGHT 2020 takes place October 26-29th and this year it is free to attend. So, no excuses. And all the content is available streaming after the event, so if you miss something, you can always watch it on demand. 

You can register at

Meet the Specialists

Taking place on Monday and Tuesday at 9 am PT, Meet the Specialists includes our visionary sessions (AKA keynotes including the leaders from the biggest names in cloud—Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, IBM’s Arvind Krishna, Google Cloud’s Thomas Kurian, and AWS’ Bill Vass), mega sessions and customer chronicles. These sessions give you a first-hand look into NetApp’s vision for the future, how our customers are unlocking the best of cloud, and new ways to transform your business for agility and speed. 

Monday, October 26, 9 am – 12 pm PST:  Tuesday, October 27, 9 – 11:40 am PT

Breakout Sessions

With nearly 400 on demand technical sessions with topics ranging from hybrid cloud and SAP, to business continuity, we’re big on learning at NetApp INSIGHT. Our sessions are jam-packed with learning tracks that will enhance your technical skills and develop your expertise. Check out the session catalog at:  

Schedule an Executive Briefing

We’re running our INSIGHT Virtual VIP program from October 26, 2020 – January 29, 2021 for a 30 to 60-minutes, so we know we can find some time to meet 1:1. In this briefing we’ll discuss topics that best align with you and your business needs as you evaluate your data center migration options. We’ll connect you to a NetApp executive, partner manager, technical expert, product manager, sales representative, or alliance team member. Schedule your meeting at: 

Networking and Fun

No event would be complete without opportunities to network and have fun, even virtually. At INSIGHT 2020 we have a couple of cool things planned to entertain and engage you.
  • Monday, 12 pm PT: Americas Community Hour (aka virtual happy hour). Join community leaders, experienced practitioners, and professionals like you to uncover the secret of optimizing cloud cost. Focused on the latest addition to NetApp’s portfolio, Spot by NetApp will have three-tiered programs within 60 minutes to get you ready to build application-driven infrastructure with the cloud.
  • Tuesday, 11:40 am PT: Salt-N-Pepa. The group that changed the face of hip-hop as we know it. They also gave females across the globe a voice within their communities and the music industry. 
If you’re looking for more information on why you should think twice before you make another Dell data center migration and migrate once. Check out our page at   

Beth Busenhart

Beth is the Market Strategist for DevOps. With over 15 years of experience in a variety of dynamic industries including media, technology, and private equity; the through line has been a passion for delivering innovative technology solutions that transform the customer experience. Beth is a data driven, strategic thinker who excels at breaking a big vision down into an actionable plan. At NetApp, Beth enjoys helping customers understand how their IT strategy is critical to achieving business outcomes. Outside of work she can be found on the ski slopes or a yoga mat.

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