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We are specialists in secure multicloud infrastructures since 1996, and our vision is simple: to make infrastructure a commodity for our clients.

To achieve this, we rely on two areas of expertise :

  • The design of custom architectures with our unique "secured by design" approach.
  • The management and cyber supervision of IT infrastructures.

In addition to our Network Operations Center (NOC), we have Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Cyber Attack Alert/Response Teams (CERT), ensuring constant surveillance and a proactive response to threats.

Our ISO27001 and HDS certifications, as well as our ExpertCyber label and our listing on the website, guarantee the quality of our services, compliant with stringent standards such as DORA. With Tersedia, our clients can fully concentrate on growing their business, without worrying about the capacity of their now efficient and cyber resilient information systems.

Solution Competencies

Hybrid Cloud

  • Cyber Resiliency – Data Protection with Rubrik
  • Cyber Resiliency – NetApp Technologies for Security & Ransomware Protection
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  • Chatou, France

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