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US Federal International Development Agency

Cloud Migration Using the Easy Button
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US Federal International Development Agency


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Meeting both mission and mandate requirements, a Federal international development agency accelerated their migration to the cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, driving efficiencies and measurable cost-savings.

Cloud migration is an obvious path for most businesses today, but that was not entirely the case five years ago. In the wake of a fresh batch of Federal regulations, many agencies scrambled to close data centers and struggled to better understand how to integrate cloud computing into their business models.

For one international development agency, the process of cloud migration began with a well-designed Enterprise Architecture (EA), which allowed it to slowly ease into the cloud while complying with Federal mandates.

NetApp’s tools and OS (ONTAP) are exactly the same on prem as in the CSP (Cloud Service Provider), be that Azure, AWS, Google or IBM.

David Godbold Global Account Manager, Foreign Affairs Community, NetApp Public Sector

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