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Builds Business Agility with Move to the Cloud

Edmonton, Alberta based Rohit Group set its sights on expanding its 30-year-old real estate business across North America. The organization migrated its physical on-premises infrastructure to AWS in a mere 15 days with Cloud Volumes ONTAP (previously ONTAP Cloud for AWS). The transformation is giving employees and suppliers access to data and insights faster than ever before and is helping the company to realize its growth strategy by using a shared services model.

ONTAP Cloud for AWS has given us a one-stop solution. We can increase or decrease our network drive sizes and maintain security from a single window.

Deepak Verma Project Manager, Rohit Group

After years of steady success in Edmonton, the company looked to expand into new regions. Their plans were stifled, however, as the company experienced challenges in keeping up with data growth and hardware upgrades in its existing infrastructure. "Going into a new market would quadruple our data in the next 5 to 7 years," explains Chirag Patel, senior cloud infrastructure engineer at Rohit Group. "We knew we wouldn't be able to keep up if we didn't modernize." Rohit Group needed a scalable IT infrastructure to support growth and avoid a siloed data environment that could emerge with regional expansion.

After testing the solution for just 15 days, the company seamlessly migrated its on-premises data to the AWS cloud.

"The simplicity of the system made so much sense to us," says Deepak Verma, project manager at Rohit Group. "All of the testing went smoothly, and we were going to get so much value from the ONTAP features that we decided to migrate just 15 days into our 30-day trial."


Migrated on-premises infrastructure to AWS in just 15 days

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