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Enchanting Studio

Expanding into new markets and dropping new CGI animation titles is data intensive and requires collaboration with dispersed teams. As a small company, animators needed to focus on creativity, not the hassles of data management.
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Animations come to life with star-quality data management

Enchanting Studio’s success has lead to more and bigger projects. Because of their origins as a small business, one of the biggest problems came from the fact that they were storing data on PCs and hard drives. Locally-stored files could only be accessed by one person at any one time, and were also hard to locate, resulting in lower efficiency and poor team collaboration.

The company had plans to expand the team in Hong Kong and Suzhou in the first half of the year, which required an agile and scalable IT solution.

NetApp is a proven data management specialist and this expertise has shone through since the day we started working with them. They have handled both the heavy-lifting and day-to-day IT support for us seamlessly and efficiently.

Wilson Shut, Founder, Enchanting Studio

Powered by NetApp ONTAP data management FAS systems solves Enchanting Studio’s pain points of by managing a massive amount of data efficiently. With the fast provision storage supported by NetApp’s snapshot function, the time taken to open a video has been shortened to 10 seconds – a reduction of over 90%. Even during system upgrades, the studio can keep running the tasks with zero downtime.

In addition, before using NetApp technology, transmitting videos across teams ran the risk of losing or damaging crucial data. With NetApp’s snapshot function, the teams can now share files across borders using only a minimal amount of additional volume space, and quickly replicate data and accelerate recovery when needed.


  • 3X processing speed
  • 90% faster file loads
  • 2X workstation productivity

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