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NetApp Packaging Labels

NetApp Operations is changing our packaging and shipping labels to deliver an industry standard labeling and improved receiving experience for our customers.​

With this initiative, we will be providing simplified packaging and shipping labels​, the ability to scan and read what is “installed” and “contained” in each box​, and a sorted package ID printed on packing slip for all products making it easy for our customers to identify the contents of each package.

To aid with this transition, sample product and shipping labels are provided below. You can scan them (with any QR code scanning app on your mobile device) to understand and familiarize yourself with the new format. There are also field definitions and FAQs for your reference.

If you have any further questions regarding this change, please feel free to contact

Key benefits

  • Simplified labels, following industry standards
  • Easier identification of shipment items
  • 2D barcode automation and mobile enabled, expedites receiving process
examples of packaging labels

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will this change in labels be effective?
    Labels will be transitioned to the new format between May - Oct
  2. Do I need to change anything in my receiving process?
    No, it is optional to use the 2D barcode. You can still receive using the 1D barcodes on the labels
  3. Will existing data be present on the new labels?
    Yes, all existing data will be present on the new labels. Label changes are only intended for formatting to industry standard and providing 2D scan feature.
  4. What is the advantage of using the 2D barcode?
    Visibility into actual contents of the package with a single scan.  Also, the ability to receive your package with a single scan.
  5. What can I use to scan the 2D barcode?
    New mobile phones all have QR scanning capabilities. Additional apps can be downloaded as needed to scan the 2D barcode
  6. Can I use the 2D barcode to automate receiving?
    Yes, if your WMS can support 2D barcode functionality, you can receive using the 2D barcode.
  7. What else is changing besides the labels?
    Your packing slip will have a sorted package Id which will help you determine the items packed in the box.
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