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FlexPod VDI Rapid Deploy Bundles – The name says it all

Ketan Mota

FlexPod rapid deploy bundles One year ago, we were all scrambling to respond to the massive change inflicted upon us by the pandemic. Organizations were forced to enable employees to work from home securely with the option to use their own devices. Now, in 2021, we’re realizing that this “new normal” will be a permanent way of life, in which a large part of the workforce will continue to work from home and require the flexibility that they have become accustomed to. Companies are evaluating whether the temporary IT solutions enacted in 2020 should be maintained or  whether there’s a better solution for long-term growth and security.

FlexPod Rapid Deploy Bundles

Cisco and NetApp have helped organizations to respond quickly to COVID-19 by offering simplified preconfigurated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution bundles to quickly ship and accelerate deployments so that businesses can run uninterrupted. To help organizations respond to this challenging situation, we are further enhancing that program to allow customization of these bundles to make them easier to consume. These 500- and 1,000-desktop-user bundles now include a license of Cisco’s cloud-based management tool, Intersight; optional fixed-price installation services; and the ability to choose between Citrix and VMware Horizon as your VDI broker of choice. Your IT staff can focus on their primary duties, knowing that Cisco and Netapp will employ combined best practices to help ensure a rapid installation so that FlexPod can confidently host mission-critical workloads.

To learn more about the FlexPod® Rapid Deploy Bundles program, watch this video, presented by John McAbel, UCS Solutions product manager at Cisco, and Ketan Mota, FlexPod Solutions product manager at NetApp.

Announcing a Cisco Validated Design for FlexPod supporting Citrix for VDI

In the next few weeks, Cisco will publish the latest FlexPod Cisco Validated Design (CVD). This validated reference architecture enables our customers and partners to confidently deploy a FlexPod solution with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops technology that scales up to 5,000 desktop or 6,000 task users. By rigorously testing the solution in the lab and documenting the deployment procedure, the solution reduces risk and deployment time for our customers and helps increase their ROI. The solution also provides balanced performance test results, which can offer guidance on the design to meet your organization’s requirements. .

Customer success story: Cannon Design

Cannon Design is one of many FlexPod customers that have benefited from a FlexPod VDI solution. They presented their story at NetApp Insight® 2020. Watch the video.

How Cannon Design Drives Innovation & Collaboration Globally

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Ketan Mota

Ketan is a solutions product manager at NetApp managing a broad portfolio of FlexPod converged infrastructure solutions in partnership with Cisco. His focus areas include Enterprise Databases, AI/ML, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Healthcare offerings. He has been in the Hi-Tech industry for 20+ years focusing on the cloud, storage and security technology domains. His diverse professional career includes Software Engineering, Professional Services and Product Management experience.

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