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tecRacer: Driving FinOps with RI management enabled by Spot by NetApp


    • 72% cost savings

    • over on-demand pricing

    • 99.999%

    • availability for critical AWS workloads

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Diverse services make tecRacer a one-stop shop for managing AWS workloads

A NetApp Certified Partner and a longtime AWS Premier Partner, tecRacer was recently named the 2023 NetApp EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year. This born-in-the-cloud partner integrates NetApp’s public cloud services, including the Spot Eco by NetApp® solution and CloudCheckr, with native Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP services seamlessly within its solutions and consulting offerings. tecRacer also uses Spot by NetApp and CloudCheckr solutions to support its own business.

With Spot by NetApp, I knew that I could trust them and, most importantly, that my customers could trust them. I would never choose a startup to manage cloud spend—I would only trust a company with a proven record, like NetApp.

Sven Ramuschkat, founder of tecRacer

Simplified management saves time—and money

As an AWS Managed Service Provider, tecRacer is responsible for managing and optimizing more than 250 customer AWS accounts at any given time. For these customers, Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) in AWS can offer significant cost savings over on-demand instances. On-demand instances, which can be turned up or down on demand, are the most flexible but also the most expensive option for cloud storage in AWS. With RIs and SPs, customers commit to consumption over a set period in exchange for a lower hourly cost, which can be up to 72% less than on-demand pricing.

Using Eco for RI management, tecRacer has greatly reduced its own monthly cloud spending. Eco also provides extra efficiencies by reducing the burden of manual tasks through simplified management and AI-powered automation.

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