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NetApp Astra

Protect, move, and store Kubernetes data

What is Astra?

Astra provides a unified platform to protect, move and store your Kubernetes workloads across hybrid multi-cloud environments​.

Day in the Life Data protection for K8 Applications

Use cases:

Astra lets you confidently build, scale, and manage mission-critical data services on Kubernetes in the cloud and on-premises.​

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SAS partnered with the NetApp Astra team to deliver robust DR capabilities that exceed our RPO/RTO targets. Our analytics platform benefits from NetApp’s proven data management technology, enabling efficient high-performance backups, replication, and recovery.

Mike Morris, Vice President (IaaS), SAS

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Having managed data rich stateful applications on Kubernetes and knowing the complexity involved, we're thrilled to have NetApp’s Astra service to simplify operations for small and large deployments alike.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow and VP of Platform & Services Architecture, DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks - A Comcast Company

the remote company

We liked working with NetApp and the Astra team because our feedback was received immediately and if something needed to be changed it was fixed really fast, and that is priceless.

Nikola Milojević, CTO, The Remote Company

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Pricing plans

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Free Plan

Fully managed service. Everything you need to get your team up and running.  

10 namespaces limit. 

Premium Plan

Fully managed service. 

per minute per managed namespace.  

Unlimited namespaces.

Premium Subscription

Fully managed service.

Software Subscription

 Self-managed subscription.

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