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NetApp® AI: Trust the AI experts  

Whether powering self-driving vehicles, pioneering genomic medicine, building chatbots, or leveraging predictive maintenance, success with artificial intelligence (AI) requires real-time access to large amounts of data.—and the AI experts at NetApp to ensure your data flows freely.

Why NetApp for artificial intelligence 

Integration, performance, trust 

Integrate a broad artificial intelligence partner ecosystem with high-performance data management services. Then, add reliable 24/7 worldwide services and support, and you have the highly accessible NetApp AI solution. 

Successful AI: easier said than done 

Data is the key to identifying patterns, developing predictive insights, and enabling increasingly accurate autonomous systems. Not only are the volumes of data massive and stored in many different forms, but the data lives everywhere—across multiple clouds and in the data center. Data silos and technology complexity are major hurdles to getting AI projects into production.

It’s time to build your data fabric—a unified data management environment spanning across edge devices, data centers, and one or more public clouds—so your AI data can be ingested, collected, stored, and protected no matter where it resides. Only then can you optimally train AI, drive machine learning (ML), and empower the deep learning (DL) algorithms necessary to bring your AI projects to life.

NetApp AI solutions remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud to enable more efficient data collection, accelerated AI workloads, and smoother cloud integration. Our unified data management solutions support seamless, cost-effective data movement across your hybrid multicloud environment. And our world-class partner ecosystem also provides full technical integrations with AI leaders, channel partners and systems integrators, software and hardware providers, and cloud partners to put together smart, powerful, trusted AI solutions that help achieve your business goals.

NetApp technology that drives AI success

The vast NetApp product portfolio allows you to tailor your choices based on your AI infrastructure requirements. We help accelerate your journey to AI with a smart data fabric that makes the right data available in the right place at the right cost.

Automate your data tiering 

Automatically move inactive data to low-cost object storage tiers.

AI Resources

Want to keep learning? Check out our resource hub page for AI. Watch videos, read blogs, and see documentation that will allow you to dive deeper into all things AI.

Future-proof your AI data infrastructure  

When you choose an AI-empowering solution from NetApp, simplifying your AI data management is just the beginning.

It’s no wonder some of the largest brands in every industry from healthcare to education and beyond trust NetApp to help them manage their AI data and achieve a cost-effective transition from on-prem to cloud. See some of the ways these companies are using NetApp data management to drive innovation and change the game.

Fighting chronic diseases with data

Doctors at Hannover Medical School use NetApp-powered AI for faster detection—and treatment—of chronic diseases. 

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Changing the world with AI-based innovation 

Through a partnership with NetApp and NVIDIA, Cambridge Consultants is bringing deep learning to organizations worldwide.  

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Ask our AI solution specialists your question 

Sometimes you just want to get your specific questions answered, fast. So we’ve opened a direct access channel to our AI solution specialists. This channel does not route to or through sales--when you’re ready to talk, they’ll be standing by. But right now, we want to help you get on the fast track to solving your challenges.

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Accelerate your AI journey with NetApp

Unify your data pipeline with NetApp AI-supporting solutions for industry-leading data protection, no matter where your data resides—or where it moves.

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