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Public cloud solutions

: Get the most out of your data

Life in multiple public clouds at once can be, well… problematic. NetApp uncomplicates it; to help you get the most from the providers you choose. Simplify migrations. Protect precious data. Integrate your cloud with your existing platform. Optimize performance with less cost. And manage your data consistently no matter where it lives.

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Improve ROI

Love cloud ROI? Take charge of your cloud costs, tackle multicloud complexity with NetApp. 


Learn how FinOps can help you monitor and optimize your cloud spend to more accurately budget, forecast, and allocate cloud resources.

Protect and secure

Our cyber-resilience solutions detect and thwart threats before they can do harm, while keeping your data available and recoverable.



Cloud agility and scalability with the performance, high availability, and data protection you’d expect in the data center.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

World-class data management with the performance, simplicity, and cost savings you need to migrate challenging workloads.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Agility, scalability, and security in Google Cloud—precisely what your digital transformation needs.


We need to be ready for anything because the future is coming faster than ever expected.

Reinhard Meister, CEO and President, CONA Services

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NetApp's cloud vision to be a cloud services provider and a cloud data management platform exactly matched what DreamWorks was trying to do with the cloud.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow, DreamWorks Animation

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I’m excited that we can leverage NetApp as a partner because they’re the experts in the technology of storage and synchronization and Amazon Web Services as a way to create opportunities for growth.

Noah Brunn, Infrastructure Manager, Arc’teryx

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We’ve got your multicloud back

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we’re ready to help you create a winning strategy that's as unique as your organization. Our portfolio of cloud services is designed to unlock the best of every cloud. Yup, get ready for cloud greatness.

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