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Scale-out NAS

The leading storage and data management solution​

Scale-out NAS? We actually wrote the book on it. Not only did we build the NAS industry three decades ago, today we still lead the way with simple, powerful, protected NAS solutions for your explosive data growth.​

Why NetApp for NAS?

Keep pace with growth while optimizing costs

Having led the NAS industry over the last three decades, NetApp continues to innovate scale-out NAS for unstructured file-based data management at speed and scale wherever your data lives, on-prem, at the edge and across your hybrid multicloud.

NetApp® NAS solutions simplify data management and help you keep pace with growth while optimizing costs. Our NAS solutions give you nondisruptive operations, proven efficiency, and seamless scalability within a unified architecture.

Powered by NetApp® ONTAP® enterprise storage and data management software, scale-out NAS leverages the massive ONTAP ecosystem, with a significant innovation lead and vision for aggressive future innovation.


Simple, powerful, protected scale-out solutions for your massive growing data from the NAS leader.

Simplify your storage and data management with seamless cloud integration.

  • Maximize capacity on performance tiers by automatically tiering cold data to public or private cloud with StorageGrid.
  • Combine performance and cloud tier into one data pool and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Access data across all major public clouds, multiple data centers, and at the edge with integrated caching capabilities.

Easily provision your storage at scale

  • Active IQ uses AIOps to automate the proactive care and optimization of NetApp environments.
  • Massive Capacity and Predictable Low Latency for High-Metadata Workloads.
  • Compress and dedupe storage without performance impact.

Customer proven to secure your data across clouds

  • Protect your sensitive company and customer information with built-in data security.
  • Meet government-regulated data, legal and internally defined retention standards.
  • Encrypt at the volume level, encrypt data in-transit, and securely purge files.
  • Instantly recover from attacks with built-in snapshots.

Primary Use Cases

Scale out NAS Hero

GigaOm declares NetApp storage a leader

With three leader rankings in storage, our trophy case just got a lot more crowded.

Automatic cloud tiering made simple

Want to free up space on your high-performance AFF for business-critical apps and alleviate costs? This hands-on lab will show you how easy it is to tier your cold data from your AFF system to an on-premises private cloud on StorageGRID.

cloud tiering diagram

Simplify and Modernize your Hybrid Cloud

NetApp® ONTAP data management software and leading AFF All Flash Arrays and Hybrid-Flash Arrays helps unify your data and accelerate operations.

ONTAP enterprise data management

Rely on the #1 enterprise data management software* to unify your data and simplify your hybrid cloud.

NetApp logo

AFF A-Series

The leading-edge NetApp® AFF A-Series system supplies enterprise-class, scale-out all-flash storage with the industry’s most advanced data management and cloud integration.

AFF A series

FAS Storage Arrays

Cost-effectively support your general-purpose business applications, back-up, and retention.

FAS storage product photo

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