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Tiering Your Data to StorageGRID Can Save You a Lot of Money!

Ashley Hemmen

Optimize Data Performance, Costs, and Compliance with FabricPool and StorageGRID

With the increasingly widespread adoption of high-value, high-performance (and still relatively high-cost) flash, you’re probably looking for ways to be sure that your data center modernization meets your ROI goals. One of the ways that NetApp can make your transition to flash easier is with a NetApp® ONTAP® feature called FabricPool.

If you’re an ONTAP customer with NetApp AFF high-performance storage systems, you can use FabricPool to set up automatic tiering of infrequently accessed data to a more cost-effective tier. FabricPool is easy to set up, incurs minimal operating expense, and provides transparency to your existing applications. You define the policies about which data is considered to be cold and can be tiered off. If your business demands change and you need to access data that has been tiered off, don’t worry. You can bring it back to the performance tier for as long as you need it.

Cross-industry studies show that, in many storage environments, inactive data can occupy more than 50% of total storage capacity. Do you have any of these types of workloads sitting on flash today?

  • NetApp Snapshot™ backup and archival copies
  • Completed project data
  • Test and development data
  • Actioned transaction data
You can reclaim space on your primary storage with FabricPool tiering capabilities to capture cloud economics without sacrificing performance. To align with your existing business operations, FabricPool can tier to several targets, including Azure, AWS, Google, and any S3 target.

But if regulations require you to keep your data on premises, or if you’re looking for large-scale cost benefits, then NetApp StorageGRID® object-based storage is an excellent choice for extending your data fabric. You don’t need any licenses to use StorageGRID as your FabricPool target. And the economies of scale with StorageGRID as your FabricPool target could save you up to 30% over an all-flash deployment.

To find out how simple it is to start saving with FabricPool and StorageGRID, watch the following video.

If your operations are widely dispersed, StorageGRID can also efficiently manage your data across geographies and different resources with its intelligent policy engine. Your environment can simultaneously benefit from all the capabilities of the software and the scale economics of StorageGRID as a FabricPool target. You can set up policies to automatically balance data for optimal performance, durability, availability, and costs. And you can use StorageGRID for primary use cases and secondary ones at the same time.

But those features are just some of the benefits that you gain from StorageGRID. Find out about more benefits that you can gain from object storage and StorageGRID in your environment.

Ashley Hemmen

Ashley is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp, leading go-to-market activities for StorageGRID. She previously spent over two years marketing products enabled by Element software, namely SolidFire and NetApp HCI, giving her a well-rounded understanding of NetApp’s Cloud Infrastructure product portfolio. When she is not behind her computer, Ashley loves the Colorado outdoors, beaches, adventures, and chocolate chip cookies.

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