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Your data fabric: 6 key ingredients, 1 tasty result

Deliver your data where, when, and how you need it—no matter where it lives at the time—with the protection, security, and cost optimization your business needs. Dig in!

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Why NetApp for your data fabric

Your data—where, when, and how you need it

For nearly three decades, NetApp has maintained a laser focus on innovations that help our customers build stronger, smarter, and more efficient infrastructures. Our goal? Deliver the right data and applications to the right place, at the right time, and with the right capabilities. When it comes to your business, we’ll meet you where you are, seek to understand where you want to go, and then help you get there with a data fabric designed for simplicity and agility.

Weave your data fabric

Although your data fabric will be sewn into its own unique cloth, you can organize your data infrastructure around the six pillars below. For each, NetApp offers the technologies and expertise to help you shape a strategy around your organization’s distinct requirements and goals.

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Discover: Let nothing hide

From usage metrics to security risks, we give you crystal clear visibility into your full stack with powerful visualizations and tools to remediate problems automatically.

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Integrate: Easy access for the win

Bring the endpoints of your data fabric together in a single control panel. From on-prem databases to cloud-housed, high-performance applications, monitor and manage it all from a unified, trusted platform.

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Automate: Take a hard pass on boring

Our technologies reduce the number of manual tasks involved in everything—from dev/test to provisioning—so you have more time to focus on things that deliver greater value to your business.

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Optimize: Make it all hum

Whether it’s cost, performance, or both, we give you the tools to continuously optimize the infrastructure that you have now, as well as when you scale.

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Protect: Never lose access

Our industry-leading backup and recovery solutions help simplify end-to-end data protection in the event of an outage, disaster, or ransomware attack.

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Secure: Stand up for data integrity

Whether your top priority is the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of your data, we use sophisticated AI to deliver the security your business needs.

Hannover Medical School (MHH) cares for users with its data fabric

Whether medical care, research, or education, MHH needs to manage massive amounts of data and is dedicated to serve its users in the best way possible. Building their data fabric with NetApp has allowed them to find the right answer to any data question.


Dow Jones built its data fabric to help deliver the news the world demands

Dow Jones worked with NetApp to build their data fabric, which has helped eliminate data silos and unify their most valuable data points. It has enabled them to deliver the right news at the right time, staying one step ahead of their competition.

Dow Jones

DreamWorks Animation accelerates their data fabric with NetApp technology

Learn how NetApp is working with DreamWorks Animation to advance their data fabric and extend their data from on prem into the cloud.


AstraZeneca advances pharmaceutical science with the cloud

AstraZeneca built its data fabric to help accelerate research and development and improve patient outcomes. It’s part of their enterprise-wide digital strategy that is enabling them to get life-saving medications to market faster. 


Ducati builds a data fabric to accelerate innovation

Ducati built a data fabric that enables the motorcycle manufacturer to optimize motorcycle performance on and off the track. The result? Multiple MotoGP World Championship wins, an elevated customer experience, and successful positioning for sustainable innovation in a data-driven future.

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Let’s build your data fabric

Helping customers build their data fabric is what we do. We can’t wait to learn more about where you are today and where you want to go. Rest assured, together we’ll build the data fabric that will get you there.

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