Build your data fabric

Your data is anywhere and everywhere, in every form imaginable. And it’s growing by the minute, stored in public clouds, private clouds and on premises. Your teams leverage it to do their jobs. Your business depends on it to survive and thrive. And now you can design your data fabric to deliver it where, when and how you need it.

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NetApp and your data fabric

Modernize IT and deliver a seamless hybrid multicloud experience

Ensure your data is always on, always available, and easily consumed. Free developers to build anywhere. Deliver a unified data experience across the world’s biggest clouds, private clouds, and on premises. NetApp offers proven capabilities to build and manage your data fabric.

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Innovative customers

The world’s most innovative organizations build data fabrics to drive business outcomes

NetApp customers are thought leaders who recognize the value of digital transformation. Every day, they’re changing their world by leveraging their most valuable business resource—data.

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Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Hannover Medical School (MHH) Cares for Its Users with Data Fabric

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Dow Jones

Dow Jones Uses Data Fabric to Deliver News the World Demands

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3Lateral's Data Fabric Helps Drive Digital Human Evolution

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DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation Uses the Power of Data to Bring Imagination to Life

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AstraZeneca Advances Pharmaceutical Science with the Cloud

man working on motorcycle engine


Ducati Data Fabric Accelerates Innovation

Keep your data safe and sound

Unprotected data is a disaster waiting to happen. And traditional data protection approaches aren’t keeping pace with IT complexity and growing threats. With NetApp, you can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud without sacrificing application performance. Plan backups and disaster recovery. Increase privacy and compliance. Prevent ransomware. Stay ahead of all the emerging threats. Smart, right?

Protect your data everywhere
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Your data fabric, made radically simple

NetApp helps you build a data fabric designed for simplicity and agility. Tap into greater levels of control, flexible consumption models, and the power of the world’s biggest clouds.

Manage cloud on your terms

Gain operational efficiency with a seamless experience across on-premises and multicloud environments. NetApp’s Fabric Orchestrator gives you everything you need to build and manage your data fabric.

Cloud Manager

Simplify your IT investment experience

Minimize financial risk with new ownership and consumption models — AI-tailored to your infrastructure needs. Get guaranteed storage efficiency, performance, and availability. Buy with confidence, run with ease, and grow with any cloud.

NetApp Keystone

Innovate on any cloud

Quickly deploy enterprise workloads to Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS for agility, reduced overhead, and dynamic scaling. Automate your on-premises infrastructure for VM or containerized workloads. Bring your data fabric to life on any cloud.

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