Cloud Manager from NetApp simplifies cloud storage, providing monitoring, administration

NetApp® Cloud Manager gives IT experts and cloud architects a centralized control plane to manage, monitor, and automate data in hybrid-cloud environments, offering an integrated experience of NetApp Cloud Data Services.

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Why NetApp Cloud Manager?

Enterprise-class management platform keeps you in control of your cloud

NetApp® Cloud Manager is a centralized system for viewing and managing your on-premises and cloud storage, supporting hybrid, multiple cloud providers and accounts. The system empowers IT professionals to provide their internal and external users with optimized cloud storage services.

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Centralized management

Unify your siloed storage systems and NetApp® cloud services on a single-pane console. Control multiple NetApp ONTAP® storage systems, on your premises and in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Simplified provisioning

Empower IT professionals to meet business objectives with simple provisioning tools. Allocate optimized storage capacity for internal and external customers with automatic capacity scaling.

Data fabric enabler

Automate and orchestrate cloud storage operations with RESTful API support and integrations with other NetApp cloud management systems.


NetApp® Cloud Manager offers powerful features to help you extract actionable insights from your data and applications, giving you greater control over your cloud infrastructure.

Fast and easy migration to the cloud

Streamline your migration to cloud storage using point-and-click without rewriting your applications. NetApp® Cloud Manager automatically creates the cloud infrastructure to meet your operational data storage requirements.

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Orchestrate a mix of cloud and on-premises storage

Connect disparate storage environments into a single seamless data fabric.

  • On-premises NetApp® ONTAP®
  • Multiple Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Multiple cloud provider accounts
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Enable self-service for internal teams

Easily assign storage capacities to various users in your organization, such as development teams. Define access roles to offload storage administration and management tasks.

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Optimize performance and costs

NetApp® Cloud Manager gives you actionable insights about your storage infrastructure health and performance across multiple cloud accounts. Get access to important metrics to reduce troubleshooting time, predict performance needs, and achieve better control over infrastructure costs.

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Unlock the best of cloud

Did you know that the top three hyperscalers—Amazon, Microsoft, and Google—asked us to build data management and storage solutions in their clouds because of our success, reliability, and uptime? 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

“The work we are doing together to support our customers’ need for hybrid cloud infrastructure has been breakthrough work.”

– Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

“We are very happy to be working with NetApp to deliver joint solutions where we meet the customer on their cloud journey, where they are.”

– Thomas Kurian, CEO Google Cloud



“It’s great to have our engineers—and the synergies of our two companies—going all the time.”

– Bill Vass, VP of Engineering AWS


All of the NetApp® Cloud Manager functions can be executed via RESTful APIs, enabling automated processes and simple integration with third-party systems.

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