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Another NetApp bull’s-eye on the GigaOm Radar: primary storage

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In the Robin Hood story, the legendary archer shoots a bull’s-eye with his arrow and then follows it up by splitting the shaft with his second shot. In the latest GigaOm Radar reports for primary storage, that’s what NetApp has done: clear leadership, and a bull’s-eye not just once, but twice.

Why does this matter to you? First, because solving your business challenges by using products from the leader is a safe bet. And this recognition from GigaOm identifies us as a leader for a broad range of primary storage use cases. More important, we believe the capabilities that placed us in the leadership position will power your data to solve your business challenges-and those capabilities are among the best in the industry.

NetApp offers many enterprise features, and we build them right

According to the GigaOm Radar report, “NetApp offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade capabilities that maintain consistency regardless of deployment model.” These capabilities empower you to address all your use cases with confidence. NetApp® ONTAP® data management software originated in 1992, and we’re constantly reinventing to create storage architecture that’s among the most modern on the market. Our latest ONTAP version provides a simple, flexible, and protected architecture across a broad set of platforms, including all-flash, hybrid, and block-optimized storage, not to mention first-party cloud offerings. This means that you can have the right mix of cost and capacity with a consistent experience based on a unified set of data management services. Because we’ve been innovating on ONTAP for the last three decades, we have a set of features from data protection to security to protocols to autonomous management that can’t be touched by our competitors. GigaOm specifically calls this out as a key strength of NetApp.

GigaOm primary storage: large enterprises radar report
GigaOm primary storage: midsize enterprises radar report

NetApp is far ahead of most competitors in AI for cybersecurity and ransomware protection

Our customers continue to tell us that ransomware is a top security and data protection concern. NetApp's advanced ransomware protection solutions outshine most competitors by offering proactive data protection, detection, and recovery. Unlike other vendors that focus solely on data recovery, NetApp prioritizes data security from the start, safeguarding against cybersecurity risks and minimizing costly downtime.

The potent combination of ONTAP, the unified data storage operating environment, and the NetApp BlueXP control plane de-risks operations and protects your data from ransomware.

  • ONTAP provides a unified set of data management and protection services, including encryption, WORM (write once, read many) storage and locking, role-based access, multi-admin verification, automatic file type blocking, and integration with the antivirus ecosystem.
  • BlueXP simplifies operations and provides a single point of control to manage data classification, monitoring, and health checks, and it also provides best practices.
  • NetApp Active IQ® Digital Advisor provides health checks and best practices for data security.
  • Autonomous Ransomware Protection leverages AI and machine learning to quickly identify threats before they disrupt operations.
  • BlueXP classification with NetApp Cloud Data Sense maps and classifies data across on-premises and cloud environments to provide greater data visibility.
  • NetApp Cloud Insights monitors data access and automatically blocks threatening user accounts and file types. It also creates recovery points when risks are detected.
  • NetApp SnapRestore® technology helps you recover from attacks faster with rapid restoration of petabytes of data—in minutes.
  • Ransomware Recovery Guarantee: We’re so confident in our ability to protect and recover your data that we back it with a first-of-its-kind Ransomware Recovery Guarantee.

NetApp powers data across locations and lifecycle

Our solution is flexible, powering data across many use cases over its lifecycle. According to the Radar report, flexibility is essential because “today’s storage systems tend to be shared by a large number of servers, VMs, and applications.” Customers looking to simplify operations often start with a unified data storage architecture. A flexible architecture can address the needs of many different use cases without introducing new management paradigms, interfaces, or technologies.

According to the Radar report, our portfolio “is among the most coherent and comprehensive in the storage industry.” BlueXP provides a layer of management, monitoring, and automation, making operations almost touch-free. ONTAP provides multiprotocol support across a broad range of storage systems and clouds. It provides outstanding security and resilience with guarantees for peace of mind. And it provides a robust set of features, treating each use case as primary, which eliminates the need to compromise with more siloed solutions. The underlying storage systems, including NetApp ASA, AFF, and FAS technology, provide the right cost-to-performance ratio for data at any point during its lifecycle, so that operations are cost optimized. With this level of flexibility, data can exist entirely in this one architecture without ever requiring a new set of management skills.


Our position in GigaOm’s primary storage reports confirms NetApp’s market leadership. Simple architecture to support data across its lifecycle eliminates operational overhead. The flexible architecture and underlying system support data anywhere, with the right mix of performance and cost. And our unbeatable set of features, including security and ransomware protection, give administrators everything they need to lower operational risk and serve data with confidence. Armed with these capabilities, you’ll be ready to hit your targets, too.

To learn more, read the full GigaOm Radar reports.

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