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OnCommand Workflow Automation: Less work, more flow

Manual processes are for the birds. Literally and figuratively. NetApp® OnCommand® Workflow Automation saves you time and money by handling all your labor-intensive storage management tasks.

Why NetApp OnCommand Workflow Automation?

Automation and integration to streamline your digital transformation

Whether managing storage on-premises or in a cloud environment, OnCommand Workflow Automation makes it easy to create simple or complex workflows that save you time and money.

Create storage workflows for the most frequent tasks and make them available to consumers for one-click automation. Automate time-consuming, complex processes to meet cost-saving objectives. Integrate storage workflows with your existing IT orchestration processes for fast, seamless delivery of services to consumers. And by implementing OnCommand Workflow Automation in storage management operations, you can adhere to data management best practices.

Key benefits

OnCommand Workflow Automation provides a number of automation and integration benefits to meet the demands of today’s evolving IT organization.

Achieve predictable performance for your workloads

Adopt a service-oriented approach to managing your NetApp storage systems. NetApp® Service Level Manager simplifies storage consumption and enables delivery of predictable performance for your workloads.

Streamline your storage-management tasks

Boost productivity throughout the organization when you automate your repeatable, manual storage-management processes. Leverage OnCommand® Workflow Automation to construct, customize, publish, and activate a broad range of storage workflows.

Manage challenging data environments your way

Integrate your favorite IT tools to streamline management of your on-premises and cloud storage. Using REST APIs, populate inventory, space, and performance metrics in your preferred management console for on-premises and cloud storage.

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Primary use cases

Whether managing storage on the premises or in a cloud environment, Workflow Automation makes it easy to quickly create simple or complex workflows.

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Simplify and automate

Speed time to market for delivering new services. Select, customize, publish, and activate a broad range of storage workflows.

Gain data center efficiencies

Integrate your storage services using one programmable interface for IT-as-a-service and cloud.

Accelerate workloads for industry applications

Enable one-click self-service for fast delivery of new services. Manage storage by service level objectives to optimize performance and cost.


Delivers efficient DevOps in the cloud with ONTAP Cloud for AWS.

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Multinational Bank

Drives down costs with NetApp OnCommand management software.

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Munich Re

Saves 800TB of space using NetApp solutions.

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Multiple business advantages

From driving productivity to accelerating service delivery, Workflow Automation delivers the advantages you want.

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Drive productivity

Stretch your storage-management budget by deploying reliable, customized turnkey storage for your key applications.

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