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Pure Storage FlashArray vs. NetApp AFF A-Series

Let’s make it simple. NetApp® AFF all-flash storage arrays check every box you need for your enterprise workloads. Performance. Security. Availability. Flexibility. Cloud connectivity. We have 30 years of continuous storage innovation that Pure Storage just can’t match.

All-flash array from NetApp

Why NetApp AFF flash storage?

NetApp AFF A-Series arrays stay cool under the pressure of your most demanding workloads. Our systems are primed for enterprise databases, analytics, AI, and machine learning. And we make it easy to back up and tier data to the cloud—any cloud.

Outstanding hybrid cloud support

Powered by NetApp ONTAP® data management software, AFF all-flash systems let you connect to the public clouds you want, when you want. Back up to the cloud? Check. Reduce costs by tiering cold data to the cloud? Check. Support collaboration across the hybrid cloud? Check. Burst to cloud to accommodate dynamic workloads? Check.

Speaker sharing why All-Flash storage delivers better performance

Better performance

NetApp all-flash arrays deliver more IOPS and lower latency than Pure FlashArray at a better price. In independent tests and real-world validations, NetApp consistently outperforms Pure systems. Pure doesn’t even share their performance with the independent Storage Performance Council.

aff all flasharray equipment performance

Industry-leading protection

NetApp does more to protect your data—so much so that we’re the only enterprise storage vendor validated to store top secret data listed on the NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Component List. Combining data protection with security, our built-in solutions protect you from data loss, downtime, and ransomware attacks autonomously across your entire hybrid cloud, wherever data is stored.

All flash array from NetApp provides superior data protection

Compare arrays

We know that choosing the right storage—to meet your needs today and take you into the future—can be a tough decision. Here are just a few reasons NetApp comes out on top.

NetApp AFF Flash Arrays Pure Flash Arrays
Support for SAN, NAS and object Simplified management for all protocols, on prem and in the cloud Requires different arrays for different storage types Public cloud connectivity Native connections with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Limited connectivity Cloud tiering Automated tiering with workload balancing Not available QoS Built-in adaptive SLAs in multi-workload and multi-tenant environments Multi-tenancy only supports private cloud
Ontap data management meeting

You’ve got to love NetApp ONTAP

NetApp ONTAP is the result of 30 years of continuous innovation. You can eliminate silos and specialization with one data management solution that easily supports SAN, NAS, and object storage, on premises and in the cloud. ONTAP is the reason AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud chose NetApp to deliver enterprise-grade storage on their platforms.

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