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Red Bee Media

Enable a growing customer base to get content to market more quickly and reliably
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Red Bee Media

Transforms Media Management on a Global Scale

Every day, people on all continents watch television programs, live sports, and on-demand content that are prepared, managed, and broadcast by Red Bee Media. This managed service powerhouse relies on Pixit Media PixStor software-defined storage and NetApp E-Series storage arrays to efficiently and securely manage millions of assets and complex workflows across its entire broadcast chain. This combined solution speeds time to market for Red Bee Media’s clients and helps give audiences the richest viewing experience on any screen.

In media environments like our own, it’s critical to have a storage system that delivers total reliability, guaranteed speed, and real flexibility.

Steve Penney, Head of Infrastructure, Red Bee Media

With ambitions to push channels to air in minutes rather than days and to provide a commercially competitive model to the market, Red Bee needed a fresh approach— to both its infrastructure and its thinking. The company needed to break free from restrictive proprietary technology and the sprawl of complex stacks to manage file flows more efficiently and securely, while enabling the business to scale at pace.

To deliver on this vision, Red Bee turned to storage solution provider Pixit Media to help transform every workflow. Red Bee has harnessed the power, flexibility, and scalability of PixStor high-performance software-defined storage with NetApp E-Series storage arrays and its own team’s unrivaled workflow knowledge. With the PixStor on NetApp E-Series solution, Red Bee efficiently and securely manages the flow of millions of media assets, including high-quality, uncompressed video streams. It also orchestrates demanding workflows to cater to clients’ needs on a global scale.


  • Deliver 2.7M hours of content each year
  • Manage petabytes of data and billions of files in a single global namespace
  • Provide guaranteed, sustained performance of up to 53GBps throughput

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