Why NetApp for cloud data services

As the cloud storage specialists, it goes without saying NetApp cloud data services are second to none. They finally make it possible to unlock cloud’s true potential.

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Welcome to today’s data-fueled world

The total amount of data estimated to be generated over the next five years is around 175 zettabytesIDC, The Digitization of the World: From Edge to Core (2018). (for perspective, that’s 175 billion terabytes), 60% of which will be created by businessesIDC, The Digitization of the World: From Edge to Core (2018). like yours. By our count, that’s enough to fill around 116 quadrillion 3.5-inch floppy disks. And the most interesting bit? Half of all that data is expected to reside in the public cloud.IDC, The Digitization of the World: From Edge to Core (2018). 

Today, people, companies, and entire industries depend upon cloud-based applications, systems, and services like never before—all of which rely on data. It’s estimated that users in the datasphere interact with data approximately once per minute, and by 2025 that frequency is expected to increase to one interaction every 18 seconds.IDC, The Digitization of the World: From Edge to Core (2018). The way your organization stores, protects, and uses this data will make or break your success.

We bring our enterprise-grade storage services to cloud

NetApp has been committed to helping customers store, protect, and make use of their data for nearly three decades. Recognizing early on that cloud would be a game-changer, we built out our NetApp® cloud data services product suite and extended the enterprise-class storage capabilities of our NetApp® ONTAP® data management software to the world’s biggest clouds. It’s why Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, as well as enterprise application providers such as SAP, have all made NetApp an integral part of their storage and data services strategies.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® is our cloud-based service available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud that delivers advanced data management for your file and block workloads. Cloud Volumes ONTAP helps optimize your cloud storage costs and increases application performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance. Designed for storage admins already familiar with ONTAP, Cloud Volumes ONTAP is self-managed through NetApp® Cloud Manager, our single-pane management console for all of your ONTAP instances deployed across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.


NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service is the #1 independent public cloud file service from a pure-play storage vendor. It differs from Cloud Volumes ONTAP in that it is a fully managed cloud storage solution designed for a wider audience (not just storage admins already familiar with NetApp), as well as a wider range of workloads. Cloud Volumes Service supports Linux and Windows clients, can grow seamlessly to 100TB, runs file shares at peak performance, and delivers industry-leading protection and security. Subscribe to Cloud Volumes Service and provision volumes on your choice of cloud using one of the following:

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Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Migrate your workloads to the cloud and run them without sacrificing performance or needing to re-architect your existing applications. Move, manage, and deploy enterprise applications faster.

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Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Built for the cloud architect and application owner, Cloud Volumes Service for AWS delivers on-premises flash performance and advanced storage functionality with the simplicity of native cloud services.

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Azure NetApp Files

A fully managed, Microsoft Azure-native service built for simplicity, performance, and compliance that will take your business, its applications, and workflows to the cloud faster and more securely.

Through each of our cloud volumes services, cloud architects and data engineers, as well as application, VM, and storage admins can seamlessly move data across your hybrid cloud infrastructure, run and manage critical applications in the cloud, and guard your data like the business depends on it, which—as you’re keenly aware—it does.

We help you manage your data holistically

Consistency with your existing on-premises environments is important when moving enterprise applications to the public cloud. This is true whether simply wanting to enable an easy lift-and-shift of applications to the public cloud, or needing to have a common interface/management across hybrid on-premises and cloud landscapes. Or, even to support cloud-native applications with the same robust, secure, and scalable storage technology on which your datacenter was built.

At NetApp, we help you implement the best cloud storage solutions as part of your data fabric, so you can manage your data holistically—no matter where it lives. When we do that, it becomes transparent to your IT team, and anyone using that data knows how to access it, use it, and how it is going to flow. By simplifying the job for dev, users, IT…everyone, we help take the burden off of your IT team.

NetApp offers the only public cloud data storage solution that includes a complete, integrated set of data management features to protect and secure your data, assure business continuity, simplify compliance, preserve integrity, and control access. NetApp® Cloud Insights is our analytics platform that provides you with actionable intelligence across your entire IT infrastructure—on your premises and in the public cloud. And NetApp® Cloud Manager is a centralized system for viewing and managing your on-premises and cloud storage, supporting hybrid, multiple cloud providers and accounts.


We deliver features not widely available across clouds

Customers using any version of Cloud Volumes Service or Cloud Volumes ONTAP have access to a range of integrated NetApp cloud data services that can be connected to your public cloud storage resources and applications. This includes integrated, enterprise-class services for data protection (NetApp® Cloud Backup Service), governance, audit, and compliance requirements (NetApp® Cloud Data Sense), and data availability and management for cloud-native Kubernetes environments (Astra)—all integrated from a single pane of glass with world-class monitoring and reporting (NetApp® Cloud Insights). Many of these are not offered natively by public cloud storage providers.

Whether you’re seeking to optimize your organization’s cloud storage, or just searching for ways to cost-effectively expand your cloud storage use, the NetApp platform continuously optimizes infrastructures needed by your applications for both price and performance through volume shaping or data compression and deduplication—all done at run time. This can reduce your overall cloud costs by up to 90%.

We give you the agility to respond to today’s distributed workforce

With NetApp, you gain the power to automate, orchestrate, manage, and optimize your digital workplace in the cloud.

NetApp® Virtual Desktop Service solves the complexity of deploying and managing virtual desktops. The service is delivered as a flexible software service to manage your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on your choice of public or private cloud. It removes the hundreds of tasks required for deploying desktops that can normally take two to three days and reduces deployment time to just a few hours. After deployment, management of the virtual infrastructure is automated by toolsets and intelligent policies that keep your workspaces up to date, in sync, and performing in accord with your service level expectations.

Leveraging cloud-based SaaS applications from industry leaders such as Microsoft makes a lot of sense. But accidental data loss and external threats still exist even in a SaaS world. Not all SaaS applications offer the right protection for your data. With NetApp® SaaS Backup solutions, NetApp can help protect your Microsoft Office365 data.

The benchmark for analyzing genomic data is accessing it from 100,000 individuals. We always had timeouts or file failures. With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, it finished in less than an hour—a great breakthrough for us.

Dr. Hakon Gudbjartsson, PhD | CIO, WuXi NextCODE

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Where we are today is a direct result of the partnership between McKesson and NetApp. It’s allowed us to deliver capabilities that we didn’t have in the past and it has sent us years forward in being able to provide superior healthcare.

Brad Clark | Director of Storage Systems, McKesson Reach

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Using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP from AWS Marketplace, we have achieved recovery times in testing that are almost instantaneous, and with as little as 10 minutes of data loss.

Peter Raettig | Head of Technical Operations, Reach plc

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP helps you optimize your cloud storage costs and increase application performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance.

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Cloud Insights

Gain complete visibility across your application infrastructure, including public clouds and your private data centers with NetApp Cloud Insights.

Virtual Desktop Service

NetApp VDS is a global control plane that gives you the power to automate, orchestrate, manage, and optimize your digital workplace both on-premise and in the cloud.

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We are the cloud storage specialists

As the cloud storage specialists, it goes without saying NetApp cloud data services are second to none. They finally make it possible to unlock cloud’s true potential. With NetApp, our customers run increasingly in the cloud to be nimble, efficient, and competitive. They are extending their IT environments to run core workloads in the cloud. And they’re launching new applications and workloads natively in the cloud.

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