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NetApp AFF storage supports massive unstructured datasets for millions of volumes

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Modern data challenges require future-proof solutions 

Groupama is the second-largest mutual insurer in the world, and storage is their lifeblood. Without high-performance, highly scalable storage, they  wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of their customers, and their business would fall flat. The company manages enormous datasets that users need to be able to access from anywhere, at any time. Legacy storage simply couldn’t keep up. It was time to move to the next generation of storage. 

Groupama worked with NetApp and integration partner Stordata to upgrade their NAS storage infrastructure to modern, lightning-fast NetApp® AFF systems. Now Groupama is using their data as a competitive advantage instead of a cost center. How’s that for evolution?

Flexibility and scalability on demand 

Having leveraged NetApp for unstructured NAS projects in the past, Groupama chose NetApp to help them improve scalability without increasing complexity—or breaking the bank. 

NetApp AFF and FAS storage gives Groupama the data efficiency it needs with built-in features like aggregation and deduplication, reducing the company’s storage and capacity requirements considerably.

Our challenge is making data accessible at all times. NetApp technology and technical expertise enable us to keep up with massive data volumes while becoming data experts and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Frédéric Arlhac, Infrastructure, Storage, and Backup Manager, Groupama

Becoming data experts

With their new storage infrastructure built on NetApp, Groupama is turning their mountains of data from a cost center into a competitive advantage. For Arlhac and his team, the future of Groupama depends on their ability to provide value-added services using data that increases their efficiency and accelerates response times. 

Moving forward, Groupama is keenly focused on delivering data services that create value for the organization and for customers. Leveraging NetApp’s advanced data management capabilities, Groupama can easily identify the most valuable data. By sorting through immense quantities of data and deriving discrete, strategic value, Groupama is not just providing higher quality services for its customers—it’s also leaving the competition in the dust.

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12 million policyholders 

8PB total storage volume

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