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Element software: Power to the private cloud

Like moving business forward? You’re going to love NetApp® Element® software. It simplifies and automates data management at scale for your private cloud infrastructure to help deliver new services faster.

Why NetApp Element software for your private cloud?

Simplify and automate data management at scale

With NetApp® Element® software, you can dynamically scale storage resources to meet ever-shifting, unpredictable business and application demands.

Element features fine-grained performance control to allow for meaningful consolidation while protecting the performance of each application. And by automating complex storage management tasks, orchestrating workflows, and delivering deep management integration, Element helps efficiently satisfy your service delivery needs and focus on driving your business forward.

Key benefits

Discover how Element software delivers agility to your private cloud.

Power your private cloud with Element software.

Build your cloud infrastructure with agile software, enabling scale-out growth, predictable performance, and end-to-end automation.Consolidate diverse, rapidly changing applications. Guarantee performance to every workload. And automate storage consumption so you can focus on moving the business forward.

Leverage the Element API to control your private cloud through software.

Create on-demand services to deliver the public cloud experience on-prem with the Element software API.

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Primary use cases

Element software enables an innovative, automated architecture that increases business and simplifies operations on a highly flexible and efficient cloud architecture.

Simplify and automate

Discover storage built to enable the demands of your production-ready cloud environments—enabling self-service IT and accelerating the speed of business.

Build service provider infrastructure

Differentiate your hosted and managed services to increase service and platform revenue. Ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Accelerate DevOps by delivering storage as code

DevOps is evolving into a mainstream approach for managing a modern, programmable infrastructure. Start your transformation by automating every aspect of storage.

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Improve collaboration and productivity

Trident for containers

Deliver persistent enterprise container storage with Trident and Element. Simplify the deployment of containers while protecting and managing data—wherever, whenever across your data fabric.

Ansible modules for NetApp

Define and deploy consistent environments—no matter the workload—throughout development, test, and production with more than 60 Ansible modules for NetApp.

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Flexible deployments

Build your cloud on an infrastructure that aligns with your business needs. Element software powers each deployment model to provide automated, predictable performance at scale.

SolidFire cloud storage

Accelerate next-generation data-center deployments with a flexible software-defined storage, scale out solution. 

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See how our customers are using Element


Guaranteeing performance and simplified user experiences.

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Ultimate Software

Faster, easier and more predictable human resources SaaS delivery.

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Accelerates private cloud deployment while cutting service costs in half.

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Multiple business advantages

Agility, efficiency, and data assurance are just a few of the business advantages.

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Independent resources

Allocate and manage independent pools of performance and capacity for complete control of resource utilization.

Unmatched agility

Respond to changing demands on the fly—without migrating data or interrupting I/O.

Global efficiencies

Shrink your data center footprint. Lower operational costs. Global, always-on efficiencies maximize your resources.

Data assurance

Reduce operational overhead and risk. Element software delivers secure multitenancy on a resilient, self-healing architecture.

Take Element for a Test Drive

Experience how quick and simple it can be to test APIs, manage your storage environment, and run multiple applications at the same time with the Element software simulated environment.

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Next steps

Technical documentation

Learn how to get started, install, configure, and use Element Software.

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