Hybrid cloud doesn't have to mean hybrid complexity

Doing hybrid infrastructure right means addressing one piece at a time. Check out Gartner's latest research: Understanding Cloud Data Management Architectures, Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud and Intercloud.Gartner understanding Cloud Data Management Architectures: Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud and Intercloud, Adam Ronthal, DonaId Feinberg, 27th May 2020

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Data storage: on-prem or cloud

Optimize costs. Address latent variables such as egress charges and zombies. Here’s how.

Trace untraceable spend Curb cloud-cost checklist Optimize compute with AI
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Simplify data management

Integrate your storage—edge to core to cloud—and cut down on control planes.

Build common data architecture Get reference architecture kit Evaluate storage providers
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Build adaptive infrastructure

Build out processes that use automation tools so your dev and ops teams work better together.

Persistent container storage See open-source automation
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More cloud. Less cost. Not crazy.

Optimize compute. Automate provisioning. Spot by NetApp opens oceans of possibilities for modernizing cloud management.

Work less. Do more
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Hybrid infrastructure in brief

Get the nitty gritty from NetApp storage experts—in 800 words or fewer.

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