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SAP Cloud Platform is evolving – are you ready for what’s next? 

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You’re always looking for higher application performance scores, and so is SAP. Once its own branded offering, SAP Cloud Platform is now one of the core pillars powering SAP Business Technology Platform. No matter what SAP calls it, we’re integrated – and we’ve got the solutions to help you go for the gold.

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Unlock the value of cloud - on your terms

By 2027, SAP will end support for non-HANA databases. For many users, this transition provides the perfect opportunity to move critical applications to the cloud and start using SAP Cloud Platform to develop and deploy enterprise applications. But why is cloud so appealing?

Aside from the larger promise of agility and infrastructure savings, the day-to-day benefits for SAP deployments in the cloud include:

  • Accelerating projects

  • Simplifying operations

  • Integrating applications

Wherever you are on your SAP cloud journey, we’ll help you build your data fabric to elevate your cloud experience—when you’re ready. We won’t rush you. And we’ll pole-vault you right over the cloud bar in record time. 

To the future, with precision

Testo's IT department creates and operate IT services on-premises and in the cloud easily. The latest storage project, using a full range of NetApp offerings, shows where Testo is heading - to the future of measurement. 

Testo, NetApp, and system integrator SVA developed the solution as one team. 

Clearing the hurdles to cloud

When hydraulics expert HANSA-FLEX needed to update its SAP systems, it decided to make the move to HANA. Using Azure NetApp Files, the company achieved its fastest cloud migration to-date, deploying 20 performance-intensive and latency-sensitive workloads in Azure.

After HANSA-FLEX migrated, its SAP database used two-thirds less space, providing major infrastructure cost savings.

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Handling the heavy lifting of huge data

When you’ve got data to move, you don’t want your cloud solution to drag you down just because it can’t handle the volume. Like a good shot putter, your cloud has to take that heavy data and get it where it needs to go.

CONA Services, IT provider for Coca-Cola bottlers, needed a cloud solution that could handle one of the world’s largest SAP HANA migrations. Partnered with Capgemini, Microsoft, SAP, and NetApp, CONA Services saw faster performance, lower costs, and better data insights after a successful migration.

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Is NetApp compatible with SAP Cloud Platform?

Yes! SAP chose NetApp as their partner to help build HANA Enterprise Cloud. Our solutions accelerate processes and deliver more intelligence while simplifying SAP environments

Does SAP Cloud Platform still exist?

SAP Cloud Platform is no longer a standalone brand name, but its technical capabilities aren’t going anywhere. Instead, these capabilities are now integrated into SAP Business Technology Platform.

What SAP Cloud Platform capabilities are available in SAP Business Technology Platform?

SAP Cloud Platform’s integration and extension capabilities, database and data management, analytics, and intelligent technologies are all integrated into SAP Business Technology Platform.

When did SAP Cloud Platform retire?

SAP Cloud Platform’s capabilities haven’t gone anywhere – but the brand name retired in January 2021

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