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SAP Cloud Services

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If you were to build you dream house, would you want to choose between two construction crews that can only do half of you what you want? Of course not. So why would you make a similar choice between cloud providers for your SAP landscape?

Forget having to choose. We’re telling you what you’ve been longing to hear: you don’t have to choose. You can easily move and manage your data in any cloud(s) – without any lock-in.

No more impossible choices. Build your SAP dreamhouse, your way. You bring the vision board, we’ll bring the tools – all compatible with SAP’s cloud services.

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When you’re ready to move, we’re ready to deliver SAP solutions for the cloud 

We’re not here to pressure you into migrating your SAP environment to the cloud. But once you decide to draw up those plans, we’re committed to building the best possible migration. We’re certified for use on SAP, providing a common data experience across multiple clouds. And you can take your stuff with you – our NetApp Cloud Volumes and Azure NetApp Files solutions are built on ONTAP, the same trusted experience tens of thousands of organizations know and trust for on-premises storage. 

Whether you’ll need cloud storage for application testing and development, disaster recovery, or for shared files, our proven track record of public cloud and hybrid cloud storage services will give you the best blueprint for your SAP. 

Laying the foundation for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud 

When you’re looking to build a new enterprise cloud, you need a strong foundation. And after 20 years of innovation partnership, SAP knew NetApp was the right infrastructure partner to support the launch of HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC). 

Together, we built HEC’s foundation with our trusted solutions: 

  • NetApp AFF, for speed, efficiency, and reliability
  • NetApp ONTAP, for seamless data management
  • Azure NetApp Files, for scalability and flexibility that accelerate customer paths to cloud readiness

If SAP trusts NetApp to lay the foundation for SAP cloud services, why wouldn’t you?

The right tools to manage data in the cloud  

If you’re renovating your IT infrastructure, you want a team of trusted architects to work with the best tools and design software ever created. When it comes to data management, NetApp is your lead architect. We have the best-in-class tools to simplify SAP management and enhance data protection. 

When Dutch SAP service provider myBrand needed to expand its customer base and service portfolio, NetApp pulled MetroCluster out of the SAP cloud solutions toolbelt. Combined with support from Fujitsu, myBrand used MetroCluster to save on TCO and reach new levels of efficiency. 

How does cloud storage affect my SAP deployment?  

Cloud offers the promise of agility and rapid deployment, but the real benefits for SAP deployments don’t come from infrastructure alone. Choose the right cloud storage for your SAP deployment and you’ll accelerate projects, simplify operations, and create seamless application integration. 

How long will it take to migrate my SAP landscape to the cloud? 

We can help you completely migrate to the cloud in record time. As in, 20 SAP systems in the time it normally takes to receive SAP hardware kind of record time

Can I keep production on premises and use the cloud for nonproduction workloads? 

Yes. Wherever you are on your SAP journey, we’ll help you build your data fabric that lets you take advantage of the cloud when and how you choose.

How does cloud affect SAP performance?

With the right solutions for your SAP environment, you can deliver projects eight times faster, accomplish system refreshes in hours instead of days or weeks, and eliminate downtime with 99.999% availability.

Will migrating my SAP to the cloud cost a lot more? 

Nope! With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for SAP, you’ll shrink your costs with data management automation and cold data tiering for cloud storage savings of up to 70%.

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