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Bring your public sector infrastructure right up to date with a unified data fabric

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Why NetApp for the U.S. Public Sector?

Modernizing unreliable infrastructure and moving to the cloud while ensuring robust security are key for the public sector. We’ll help you move data to the cloud seamlessly and securely, cutting through complexity and unifying and standardizing your data management so you can meet your mission.

Advancing national security for the federal government with a classified cloud

    • 60% reduction in deployment time across three networks

    • reduced backup data recovery time: from days to minutes

    • decreased storage footprint and improved scalability

Embrace the cloud and break down data silos

Unify your data in the cloud so you can extract more meaningful insights and realize the federal government's Cloud Smart strategy of empowering employees and citizens with enhanced decision-making tools.

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Remove data barriers with a modernized infrastructure

Legacy systems make data difficult to collect, maintain, organize, and share, which creates barriers to fulfilling your mission. Transforming and modernizing your systems makes data more accessible and empowers employee productivity.

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Switch to a robust infrastructure and maintain data continuity

The shift to online has inflated the public sector's cloud migration needs. NetApp uses a robust data infrastructure to secure data continuity and predictive technology to make early intervention possible.

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From our customers

We talk a big game because we can back it up with our street cred. See how NetApp has transformed cloud and on-premise environments for leading Public Sector Organizations.

Student data is the essence of the school district. We needed to modernize our legacy storage to a single unified system that provides block, file, NAS, just about any protocol that an IT team needs to provide storage to their servers.

Joe Zoda, Senior System Engineer, School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

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Advancing security with a classified cloud

The systems for housing any agency data must not only meet critical security protocols but also keep the data easily accessible.

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IT provider surges ahead to the cloud

Technology moves fast, but the procurement process doesn’t always do the same.

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Providing secure access to student data

For public schools, every dollar spent on IT is a dollar not spent on textbooks and direct education benefits.

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Improving operations and academic capability

Lowering storage costs for massive and growing data sets while both improving school operations and empowering academic research.

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Using cloud data to fight offenders

When companies endanger U.S. natural resources, prosecutors depend on data storage, management, and analytics to prosecute offenders.

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Data storage solutions on your terms

Feeling locked in by your storage vendor? NetApp Keystone offers flexible pay as you go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on premises or in the public cloud. And always on your terms.

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