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Restaurant Magic

Faster, smarter decisions about purchasing, hiring, rotation staffing, and more
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Uses Data to Create Best-In-Class Dining Experiences

Restaurant Magic's product, Data Central, is a back-office SaaS application for multi-unit restaurant groups. From enterprise reporting, margin analysis and protection, labor, BI to the latest in applied Machine Learning, Data Central empowers restaurant groups with the data and the tools to have a total view of their organization and maximize their margins. With a swiftly expanding customer base, the company needed to quickly and efficiently backup critical customer information in the cloud. Azure NetApp Files made it happen.

Our goal is to enable the store manager to be out there in the work environment. Any time we can save a store manager is more time that they can spend with their clients.

Mike Costanza Senior Manager of DevOps for Restaurant Magic


  • Up to 15-fold increase in speed of data backup migrations
  • Reduced capital expenditure on hardware and data center maintenance
  • Enabled Restaurant Magic to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to business operations.
  • Cut client data migration time by 90%

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