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Modernizing care delivery and saving millions annually

Hospital records generate huge volumes of data that can be difficult and expensive to manage.  Epic software is the industry standard for these records. To reduce costs and improve care, this North Carolina-based health care system is using Epic on Azure powered by NetApp.

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Accelerating healthcare innovation

Innovations in healthcare delivery are the hope of every medical professional and patient. Innovations in healthcare management? They’re often much slower to materialize, but are no less important to advancing quality of care. Every dollar saved in the back office is a dollar that can be shifted to the patient experience.

Using the Microsoft Azure and NetApp cloud solutions, the health system is saving millions on its disaster recovery infrastructure for Epic EHR without sacrificing availability or performance.

Savings of $1M annually moving Epic DR to Azure leveraging Cloud Volumes ONTAP has been key to our ability to meet new demands for quality care and pivot resources during uncertain times. Our utmost in data cost reduction and performance is being asked of us and that is exactly what we're delivering.

Doug McMillian, CTO, Cone Healthcare

Patient data is a hospital’s lifeblood

EMR is the data that runs a healthcare system. Patient records must be available with no interruption. They must be accurate. They must be kept throughout the life of the patient. Every visit, every procedure, every result, must follow the patient.

Cone Health, like the majority of hospital systems in the US, uses Epic software for the task. Also like most hospital systems, Cone has invested heavily in on-prem data centers for application and data management. Necessary disaster recovery investments have caused complete duplication of these huge data volumes. The costs are significant.

To continue a digital transformation that will improve quality and lower the costs of care, Cone is moving Epic workloads to the cloud and Microsoft Azure, using NetApp solutions. With Azure and NetApp, the impact of maintaining those records in duplicate at exponential rates of growth is reduced significantly.


Up to $1 million in savings annually

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