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Cambridge Consultants

Bring deep-learning capabilities to organizations worldwide, expanding the company’s presence in critical markets including healthcare, farm production and autonomous vehicle navigation.
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Cambridge Consultants

Uses AI for World-Changing Innovation

Breakneck innovation makes it harder than ever for organizations to gain and maintain a competitive edge. That’s why the world’s most ambitious turn to Cambridge Consultants. They understand the business and human need for best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI), from machine-learning algorithms to deep-learning neural networks.

In the traditional approach to AI, teams of programmers and other experts developed explicit algorithms to solve specific problems. Today, machines create their own algorithms, enabling them to learn by experience. With these deep-learning algorithms – and even more complex neural networks – machines can outperform humans in activities such as health diagnosis, games of strategy, and complex pattern recognition.

Deep learning is revolutionizing almost every market we work in. We’re applying deep learning in diverse markets, driving forward the art of the possible.

Tim Ensor Director of Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants, working with Scan Computers, recently upgraded to NetApp AFF A300 all-flash storage for its Digital Greenhouse ONTAP AI deployment, built on NVIDIA DGX supercomputers and compute servers.


Undertake more than 400 projects a year across a diverse range of industries with petaflop-scale, containerized compute on-site with multiple NVIDIA DGX supercomputers and cloud-connected all-flash storage.

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