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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

10,000 employees and contractors seamlessly transition to work-from-home during COVID-19
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina



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Brings its data infrastructure in-house, just in time to confidently respond to COVID-19 demands

Moving from a managed service provider to an in-house data infrastructure was a massive undertaking that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina completed in 2019. It involved two data centers and off-site cloud investments using NetApp All Flash hardware, NetApp StorageGrid and ONTAP management software.

The investment was timely, as the COVID-19 outbreak required transitioning the workforce to work-from-home.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina member doesn't care if the person they’re talking to is at home or if they are on-site office, as long as their needs are being attended to. We've been able to have the same high level of consistency and rapport with our members during Covid-19 as before.

Petar Bojovic, Director of IT Infrastructure at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Most of those employees are working on the primary customer service application for managing claims. VPN usage jumped from about 1,000 connections to well over 7,000 connections.

The ability to shift operations quickly has meant uninterrupted services which, in an addition to providing COVID-19 education, waivers for testing, and prioritization of related claims, have helped Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina stay in the fight.

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