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Airtel Payments Bank

Extending Mobile Banking Throughout India
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A NetApp infrastructure is used to transactional banking data for millions of Airtel Payments Bank customers.

Millions of adults in India have no access to banking services. But the prevalence of the mobile phone, even in remote rural areas, is an opportunity bridge the gap.

Bharti Airtel is India's largest telecom conglomerate, with a subscriber base of over 340 million. It created Airtel Payments Bank (APB) to serve the nation through simple, easy and accessible banking solutions. Subscribers receive perks for banking and saving activities and can easily accept and send payments.

To manage the anticipated volume of data – customer data, transactional data and call data – the company has deployed a production storage infrastructure built on NetApp all flash hardware, the A300. Backup of the data is provided by an AFF8040.

With a robust underlying infrastructure built on NetApp, part of a 7PB total investment, Airtel Payments Bank can support banking services now and into the future.

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