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Consulting and Professional Services

Quickly evolve your IT environment to meet growing business expectations and demand for data services—no matter where your data resides.

NetApp strategic consulting services

Leverage NetApp executive-level, high-touch consulting services to help you facilitate alignment of your business and technology goals; our proven expertise can help you define a long-term data fabric strategy and operations model for your enterprise and execute on IT initiatives to drive digital transformation.
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Professional services

Mitigate risk and streamline solution design, deployment, migration, and integration—on premises and in the cloud—to bring the benefits of new technology to your business faster. Rely on our highly skilled services experts to deliver a secure, optimize environment that delivers the consistent, high-quality outcomes you expect from the start.
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Managed services

Simplify storage operations across your hybrid-cloud and on-premises environments.
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Deployment services

Reduce risk and accelerate time to value for your new NetApp technology with a deployment level that's right for your business.
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