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WuXi NextCODE Works with NetApp Cloud Volumes to Support Genomic Health Solutions

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The world’s leading platform for genomic data, available in multiple cloud environments, can now process even more genomes, simultaneously

LAS VEGAS — October 23, 2018 — NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), empowering its customers to change the world with data, today announced a partnership with WuXi NextCODE, the world’s leading genomic data platform and analysis company, working to improve health for people around the globe. WuXi NextCODE will use NetApp® Cloud Volumes for simplified deployment and optimized management of data-driven applications. WuXi NextCODE operates in an integrated, multicloud environment for storing genomic data and doing secondary processing and clinical applications for their customers. NetApp Cloud Volumes is designed to process orders of magnitude more data simultaneously and to analyze vast volumes of data in real time.

WuXi NextCODE offers a unique platform designed specifically to organize, mine, share, and apply genomic data to improve human health. The company’s AI-enabled toolset is built to efficiently analyze massive amounts of genomic and clinical data to deliver both clinical and research insights.

WuXi NextCODE has to keep pace with the burgeoning number of genomes it sequences and stores for its customers every day. After evaluating multiple cloud storage offerings, the company chose to use the NetApp Cloud Volumes solution because of its scalability and ease of deployment and management. NetApp Cloud Volumes is integrated with all major cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This multicloud strategy helps WuXi NextCODE maintain a data architecture that supports powerful analytics with elastic scalability, pipeline flexibility, and integration into existing customer systems, more quickly and more reliably.

“A scalable and easily deployable storage system is the foundation for a platform like ours, which serves millions of genomes while providing a network effect and knowledge base that continually attracts more users and more data,” said Hakon Gudbjartsson, CIO, WuXi NextCODE.

NetApp Cloud Volumes users, such as WuXi NextCODE, can easily set up and configure a highly scalable “HPC-like” storage infrastructure in the cloud. Furthermore, advanced storage management features, such as real-time mirroring by using NetApp SnapMirror® data replication software, greatly eases deployment and testing, resulting in a more stable and reliant platform, which is of great importance to WuXi NextCODE’s customers in research, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and clinical environments.

"Data services in the cloud are doing more than driving business innovation, they are impacting society at large," said Anthony Lye, SVP and GM Cloud Data Services at NetApp. "Our work with WuXi NextCODE is a testament to how we help high-performance companies to thrive in a multicloud environment. NetApp Cloud Volumes has partnerships with the biggest public clouds, giving users the ability to bring their data to the doorstep of industry-leading public cloud services and to respond faster to market changes and customer demands.”

Looking to the future, NetApp and WuXi NextCODE will continue to collaborate on additional tools, capabilities, and APIs to serve the growing data volumes from the global genomics community, presenting a model for how advanced data companies will change the world with data.

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