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Advanced Artificial Intelligence

The age of AI is here, with companies reporting double-digit growth in efficiency, productivity, and innovation. But to fully capitalize on the power of AI, you must optimize the use of your data.

AI Thought Leadership

Why it matters

The demands of AI are complex and unrelenting. Not only is the volume of data massive, but it’s scattered across multiple silos. Compute, storage, and energy demands could cripple a less-than infrastructure. Which is why you need a thoughtful, proven approach to AI.

Top of mind

The most common AI business drivers involve increased operational efficiency, improved employee productivity, and faster innovation. All of these require the power and flexibility of an intelligent data infrastructure.

AI must-see showcase

AI thought leaders Ritu Jyoti, Global AI Research Lead at IDC, and Russell Fishman, Sr. Director of AI Solutions at NetApp, discuss some of the most critical AI topics facing organizations today 

More AI resources

From blogs to special reports, learn more about how AI is transforming industries and how you can capitalize on the best of AI.

‘Watts the Future’ of AI?

Hear from Matt Watts, NetApp’s Technology Evangelist, along with NVIDIA, as they break down how companies can capitalize on the potential of AI in new and exciting ways.

Next Steps

Want even more AI information? Check out our AI solutions page, which provides a deep dive into our AI products.

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