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What is development testing (DevTest)?

Development testing (DevTest) is an approach in software development that aims to bring the development and testing phases closer together.

In traditional software development, development and testing are two separate siloed functions. The challenge with this approach is that it introduces delay between code being written and that same code being tested.

In DevTest, these phases are more tightly integrated so that code that is being written and checked in is automatically tested. In this way, problems can be more quickly discovered and addressed.

Benefits of DevTest

Using a DevTest software development methodology can deliver numerous benefits. The most significant benefits are:

  • Higher code quality at any given time because new code is continually being tested
  • Shortened time to market for new features

Why is DevTest important?

DevTest is important because it enables higher levels of efficiency in the software development life cycle (SDLC), it helps to reduce the effect of software errors, and it speed the delivery of new features and bug fixes to customers.

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