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Accessing and accurately analyzing huge volumes of historical, real-time data and records
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United States of America

Modernizes Data Center to Lower Costs, Increase Speed for Data Analytics

Generating huge volumes of historical and real-time financial data to accurately analyze, assign and distribute credit scores to creditors and consumers, FICO runs on cost-effective, performant and secure NetApp technologies.   

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances run inside customer-owned AWS accounts and consume native Amazon EC2 compute, Amazon EBS storage services, and Amazon S3 buckets to achieve data efficiencies with tiering and cloud backup services. The service can be deployed in a Single AZ for cost savings or Multi-AZ for enhanced availability.

All of the servers that run the analytics depend on NetApp storage as well as Virtual Machines that run on NetApp storage. It's critical that we have systems that are always up and running, and always up and running well.

Greg Weld Senior Converged Infrastructure Engineer, FICO


  • 10PB of data under management
  • Serves 95% of U.S. financial institutions and more than 100 credit card issuers

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