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Accelerating digital transformation for customers

As a leading provider in New Zealand, Citrus Consulting Group specializes in data management, offering cloud consulting service for customers who want a comprehensive data strategy with a focus on hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments.

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For the best in data reporting

Cloud Insights is the differentiator Citrus Consulting needed to deliver the ultimate service for a complex market. Managing dozens of customer environments requires simple-to-deploy and easy-to-use enterprise-grade software. With Cloud Insights, Citrus gets complete visibility into their customers’ environments; rapid and streamlined identification of potential issues; and unified, real-time reporting.

It’s useful straightaway.

Adrian Hall, director at Citrus Consulting

20/20 vision onto client environments

Further, Citrus Consulting can immediately arm their cstomers with an array of valuable information about their environments, with real-time reporting on data usage, inactive data that could be moved, hot virtual machines (VMs), and more. All of this is all visible in live dashboards that enable their customers to see what’s happening in their environments at that very moment.

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Solutions for customers in every industry, every vertical, everywhere. In the cloud, on-prem, hybrid. Data that’s ready for anything you want to do with it.


In less than 15 minutes, Citrus Consulting can get Cloud Insights up and running in a customer environment

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Get to know what NetApp customers already know: Right now, the smart move is a digital transformation made possible by a data fabric.

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