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Yahoo! JAPAN adopts NetApp StorageGRID for its platform service, delivering millions of items of data every day

Internet giant Yahoo Japan Corporation wants to leverage cutting-edge technology to make people’s lives easier and richer.

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Internet company updates storage to optimize content delivery platform Castle for container environment and HTTP access

Yahoo! JAPAN is Japan’s largest portal site, offering more than a hundred services, including shopping, auctions, news, videos, weather and disaster information, and maps. More than 10,000 store owners and content partners deliver around a million items of data every day via the Castle content delivery platform. The company is containerizing applications to support these services and decided to review the Castle platform to optimize it for a container environment and HTTP access. 

As well as breaking down the distance constraints, we can operate StorageGRID as a single storage covering our two data centers in East and West Japan.

Takumi Mizoe, Infrastructure Technology Department 3 Storage 1, Site Operations Division, Yahoo Japan Corporation

The latest-generation Castle platform was launched in October 2020, using the NetApp® StorageGRID® all-flash high-performance object-based storage solution.

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